Engaged!!!! We Got Engaged!!!

It happened! My marine 2nd Lt. and I are officially engaged!

I went to see him for New Years Eve this year. Instead of taking leave he decided to come home for the holiday at Christmas go back to work for a few days and then I would come up and spend time in Stratford Virginia and visit. Christmas was wonderful and we had a great time - he loves my family and they think he is wonderful so I have full family support which is wonderful!

Well after he left for Christmas we kissed and he headed to my parent's house to pick up his camera, which he conveniently 'forgot' the day before. Didn't think anything of it at the time but he went there before heading back to base to ask for my Dad's permission. How sweet - my Dad said yes of course and no one told me anything.

Ok so skip to a few days later when I drove up to see him in Stratford - we stayed at a nice hotel and I just thought we were taking a mini vacation together for a few days before being apart for 2 more months. Well it was a heck of a mini vacation! We visited the Marine Corps Museum, drove all over the base in Quantico, went shopping at the biggest mall I have ever seen and just had a great couple of days.

The day before I had to leave and go back to work was New Year's Eve. We drove into DC and walked around the mall together, then we went to this really nice French/American infusion restaurant for dinner. He was wearing his green dress uniform and I was wearing a nice outfit and heels. Well, we sat in this fancy restaurant and realized how unsophisticated we both are because we had no idea which fork to use and how to eat food like pate. Hahaha so we just laughed through dinner and embarrassed the hell out of ourselves. After dinner we planned to sit up at the bar, grab dessert and a few drinks before walking out to the WWII memorial (he had never seen it before and it's my favorite, so we were going to visit it at midnight to celebrate the new year). When I stood up from our table at dinner to walk to the bar my ankle gave out in my heels and I wound up on the floor with a twisted ankle. He stood by me, helped me up, took me to the bar and sat me down to check for damage. It was a mild sprain and my stupid ankle started swelling up like a balloon and walking the mile and a half to the WWII memorial was starting to look unlikely to say the least.

Well, I figured drink a few drinks and we'll see if I could stomach the ache and power through... earlier that day he had told me how excited he was to see that memorial and I didn't want to disappoint him. When we were ready to leave the bar I put some pressure on the ankle but walking the mile and half was just out of the question without tennis shoes, so we went to the parking garage where our car was and promptly got locked into the garage by accident - the only way out was to drive out. I was horrified because I thought it would be impossible to find parking in DC - turns out nobody drives in DC so we found a spot less than 1/10 of a mile away from the monument lol!

When we got to the monument I remembered just how beautiful it is. Reflection pool with all those fountains glimmering in the light... beautifully calm, quiet and peaceful. He loved the memorial and we took all kinds of pictures together before sitting down near the pool to enjoy the calm. About 20 minutes to midnight I was ready to go home, we'd seen everything there and the night was pretty cold so I asked him if we could go. He said yes, but asked if we could walk around one more time and take one more picture. We walked the memorial and stopped at one of the entrances and I took one more picture of the entire sight. Then I turned and started walking towards the car, he stopped me turned me around and hugged me... then he asked me, "Will you be my penguin?"

It was a personal joke between the two of us because when penguins mate they mate for life... and the male penguin 'proposes' to the female penguin by presenting her with a beautiful pebble. If she accepts the pebble then she accepts him for life. I said, "Of course I'll be your penguin."

He said, "Does that mean I need to find you a beautiful pebble."

I said jokingly, "Yes, that's part of the deal." Because we had talked about getting engaged and I didn't think he would propose until after TBS... honestly had no idea.

He said, "Well... I hope you like this one." Then he got down on one knee and proposed with the most beautiful antique style ring I have ever seen.

I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say and started crying. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met. He is kind, caring, honest, caring, strong, extremely intelligent and very handsome.

We are getting married July 20, 2013 and my entire family/friend base is thrilled! Yesterday I went dress shopping with Mom... tried on a wedding dress for the first time. Whats more... I found a dress. It's a beautiful almost mermaid style dress that drapes with this silk fabric, has a jeweled 'belt' and buttons all the way up the back with a beautiful train - I can't wait for him to see it.

I hope you other wonderful ladies had wonderful Holiday season's and I hope you are all as happy as I am right now!
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Jan 6, 2013