I Don't Know Where To Start..

This may sound crazy, but I was only with my Marine a short 3 weeks before he left for MCRD San Diego to become a Marine. I never knew I could fall in love with someone so fast. Him being gone for 3 months seemed to go by very fast, I wrote him a letter every night and I received one almost weekly.
He graduated December 6th and was home the 7th. Just in time for my winter break. We spent every second we could together with out getting sick of each other.
He left for I.T.B January 1st. I've gotten 3 phone calls since, and lots of texts over this past weekend.
The one thing that I wasn't expecting was for him to say he might not be able to come home right away, or at all, when he finishes I.T.B
Can anyone give me advice on how to cope with this?
I know that I can make it through okay, because I do love him so much, but it would be really nice to hear from some of you just so I can understand what could potentially happen after I.T.B.

I am a Marine Corps Girlfriend, in love, confused and nervous.

illbewaiting18 illbewaiting18
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013