I got to have a long talk on the phone with my marine. it was good to hear his voice, and that he's doing good....but he will be gone longer than expected. Due to lack of funds i can't fly back and forth to see him, and my medical conditions make it impossible to even drive up to go see him. My chest tightens when i think about it, and he hears it in my voice. He ranges from irritated to sad, i feel like i'm letting him down :(

Sorry just needed to get some things off my mind
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

gummybear welcome to my world!

The same just happened to me, we haven't seen each other forever, we got a window this January and I couldn't travel for a visa issue. Can you imagine that?!!! I felt so so bad, I cried like never in my life. I felt like nothing, exactly like you, I felt I was letting him down!!!

So we are planning for July, I checked the ticket prices and guess what? its going to be like 1.200 dollars...I wont be able to buy a candy bar haha.

Good luck