I Know I Shouldnt..

.. but i find myself comparing my relationship to all of you lovely ladies' relationships. Here's the bottom line. I literally have only known my marine since the 19th of November. He was in town for his marine ball, and for me it was love at first sight. we instantly connected. He had to go back to base but took a weekend off to come see me a week later in which we spend the best 24 hours together we possibly could, and before he left had asked me to be his gf. We talked every day, all day from the day we met to the 15th of December when he has 3 weeks of leave that he spent living with me for the holidays.
It was like we have been together for years (like many of you ladies have had with your man), and i am 100% unconditionally in love with him. I couldn't imagine life without him. He is my world, and I would do anything for him without hesitation or second thought. We both agree that we have never fallen so hard or fast for anyone else. And have already talked about getting really serious when he gets out of the MC.
But reality is, we dont have a long track record..
Is the length of our relationship as big of a deal as I am making it out to be, or does it even matter if we've been together for a month or 4 years?
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I met the marine im seeing right now about the same time as you. I knew when I met him that he was going to deploy soon so I didn't want to fall for him. I was just enjoying our moment together but it was hard not to fall for him. He then confessed that he loves me and that just changed everything. I thought about the whole thing and I really want to be by his side and stay with him through all this. I am willing to wait. He told me not to wait for him but when we have conversations he brings up things that we will do when he gets back. I'm actually confused now if he's just saying not to wait for him so he wouldn't look selfish.

I just wrote him a letter talking about my feelings and waiting for him before he left for his month long training and im just gonna see what he says about that when he comes back. The only thing is that we are not official. We say i love yous but we're not official. It kinda sucks that i can't even say he's my boyfriend.

I wonder if any of you guys were in the same situation?

Have you talked about it with him? Mine asked me to be his gf, but some guys arent like that. Maybe he already assumes you are gf/bf since you love each other. Where is yours stationed?

Btw, I've dated one before and both of them said they didn't want me to wait for them. It's just because they feel bad for putting us through this. They know how bad we hurt and miss them. Reassurance is everything. Even if you think you say you miss him and love him enough, you don't. They need constant reminders.

We talked about it after two weeks of seeing each other and before the i love yous. He slipped and called me girlfriend and i asked him about it because we didnt really talk about that stuff and he said that he would love me to be his gf but hes leaving and he doesnt know me to the full extent. He also said that its ok if i meet someone new when he leaves and he doesnt want to leave a burden on me.
He confessed that he loves me a few weeks after that. And we've been saying i love yous ever since. I'm planning to talk to him about it in person when he comes back from training. I just don't want to seem pushy though?

He's stationed in san diego which is not that far so we see each other on the weekends. How about yours?

Thanks! I will keep that in mind. I was thinking about that. I think he doesnt want me to wait for him because he feels bad and doesnt want to leave a burden on me but i told him i will wait no matter what.

Enjoy ever second of the joy. My first month was very similar to yours - the feelings and connectivity anyway. My marine and I have been together for about two years and we are getting married in July. Sometimes when you know you just know. Nothing wrong with that - just take it one day at a time. The real truth is... you don't have to know if it's forever today - all you have to know is you want to be with him right this moment. That is how it will always be and that has to be enough.

aawww, Somegirlinlove: no, it doesn't matter. Those are all misunderstood concepts. Don't think about the time, time doesn't matter, what matters is what you feel. I met my ex husband for 3 years before we got married and got divorced after merely a year...Life is too short, I would say the important thing is to be happy.

thank you honeybee, that makes me feel better. :) ive heard of people getting married after knowing each other for 4 months and are still doing fine, but i always think that its impossible or couldnt happen for me. i guess when the time is right for stuff like that, i'll just know.