Basic Training: Who Is It Harder For?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 10 months and he is in basic training for the USMC. He left only a month ago, but it's hard to have him so far away and to not have much communication after being inseparable for the first 9 months of our relationship. I gat a letter once every few weeks and they are super short. I miss him so much and we haven't made solid plans on if we want to get married after bootcamp or wait until after his first deployment. My family is not very sympathetic and I would like to know others stories an maybe get some advice. Thanks. God bless.
RebaGould23 RebaGould23
2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

First of all I'd say its harder for them, they being pushed to limits some of them have never pushed and theyre away from their family and friends letters are what gets them through. Second there is no guarantee he'll deploy anytime soon...actually some serve their whole contract without a deployment. so while i understand possibly waiting til their permanent duty station Idk why you'd wait for a deployment. That being said welcome to the life of a marines sweetheart :)

My boyfriend has been in boot camp for a month now too. Its soooo hard for me. We have been together for four years now and the longest we were apart before this was a week.. and we still could talk then. What is helping me through this is the letters. I get some super short ones and some really long ones. But even if they are short they still make my days so much better. I work full time and usually speed home just to check the mail on my lunch break. I don't have much advice since i'm in the same boat as you, just try to stay busy.. it helps the days go by faster if your constantly on the move. I tried hibernating in my room at first and it doesn't work! Just stay busy and await his mail :) good luck!