New To Seeing Someone In The Marines

So i am really new to this. I never thought i would be posting on a site like this really.

I have been seeing this guy i met in november and he's a really nice guy. I knew he was in the marines and that he is gonna be deploying in february. We've been spending time for the past two months. We're not official but he said he already said he loves me and we've been saying i love yous to each other for the past few weeks. I told him i'll wait for him but he doesn't want me too.

I just want to know if anyone has been in this kind of situation?

He's out training for a whole month so I'm not gonna see him for a month but he said he'll see me when he gets back for his leave before he gets deployed.

It's hard to talk to my friends because they don't really understand. I just wanna know other people's stories and if anyone has been through this kind of situation.

I really want to wait for him. The only hard part is that we are not official yet.
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Have you asked him about becoming official? It may be that he is scared of you changing your mind after he is gone. My marine was hesitant at first because his ex broke up with him only a month into his last deployment. Also, why wait for him to make the first move? If you truly love him and he loves you then becoming official should be easy :)
I'm new to this too so I'm learning as well. But I'm sure if y'all love one another, all will work out just takes a little work and sometimes a stubborn tone ;)

Thanks for responding! Well, we had a conversation about it way before we started saying i love yous to each other. This was like two weeks after we met. He accidentally called me girlfriend and i asked him if i am the girlfriend because we never really talked about it. He told me then that he would love me to be his gf but he's leaving and he hasn't known me to the full extent. He also said that if i meet someone while he's gone that its okay. He doesn't want to burden me. But this is all before he confessed that he loves me. I don't know if I should bring it up again?

I think so. I mean make it your thing..instead of waiting for him to ask just say that you want to be his girlfriend and that you wait because that is your choice. Reassure him that you do want this. That's what I did, I told him that I knew I wanted to be with him and if he wasn't ready I was okay with that but without a doubt I was going to wait for him because I only wanted to be with him. It's the whole saying "you know when you know" so if you know just tell him. One thing i Have learned is to be honest and up front because you never know just how much time you have :)

That is so true. Thank you! It really helped a lot. I've been thinking of talking to him in person when he gets back from training. I can't wait! Hope everything works out.

How about you? How long have you been dating your marine?

we've only been together for about two months but i cant imagine spending my life with anyone else. we knew one another in high school and just recently met up again. we have our problems, mostly both had our share of heartbreak, but we both reassure one another and i think because of that we will make it far :)

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