1 Week Down, 12 More To Go

Well, today is officially the start of week two of my recruit's Basic Training. I guess it is technically his first week since the first week in receiving week anyway. But I finally got his platoon number and put his first 4 letters in the mailbox. I know that 4 is a lot, but it helps me to write him. Especially when I am in one of my sad moods. I try to keep it as upbeat as possible, but it is hard when I am sad. They all just basically talk about how much I love and miss him. And how proud I am of him and how all of this is going to be the best thing for him in the end. It's really hard writing to someone when they can't write back yet. I'm hoping to get letters from him each week, but I also know that it may not be possible. He might not have the time, or they might not let him, or he might not want to. I guess that is my biggest fear, that during all of this he is either going to become a completely different person or that he is going to second guess our relationship. We had some issues a couple of months before he left for basic a then he had a day or two where he wasn't sure if he was ready for our relationship, but after we talked it out he was fine. I'm pretty sure he was just scared but I'm worried that it might happen again. I really shouldn't, I should trust him more. But I think it will be be better once I start getting letters from him. I'm sure that I'm just being silly, but sometimes I get kind of depressed and start thinking things like that.
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I hope you got letters from your marine already! I think my boyfriend left for bootcamp the same time yours did. Is he in San Diego?

Yeah he is in San Diego, what PLT number is yours? Also I got my first letter 10 days ago.

Ohh I'm glad you did! :) my PLT is 2127 what's yours?

Mine's is 2125

haha does that mean that they're like right next to each other or something? almost. anyways, has he said said anything to you about going to camp pendleton for a month, and if so do you know when he's leaving cuz my bf said he was leaving on a monday but he didn't really specify which monday and i want to make sure my letter gets to him before he's gone

Mine hasn't said anything, but I think that camp Pendleton is after graduation. I'm not sure though

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My boyfriend has been in boot camp a month now. And i was feeling the same way you are right now. and four is nothing, i wrote my boyfriend every day sometimes twice while i still didn't know his address and ended up sending him 14 letters. Dont think its too much you should send him as many as you can and as many as you want too. My boyfriend says thats what everyone lives for is getting mail! Dont think he is going to change or anything, im sure it will bring you closer. It definitely has brought me closer to my man and its amazing to read what he has to say. Its okay to be sad and tell him that your sad, it shows that you care about him. It feels like forever ! i know trust me. But im sure its going to be worth it for both of us in the end. :)

Thank you, I sure hope so. I'm beginning to get used to him not being here and I don't like it. It is getting better though. I'm sure we will be okay, I just have those days where I'm depressed I guess.

I completely understand i have those days all the time. Its like you wake up and your like ughhhh... Just think of something your looking forward to! like for me im like oh i get paid next friday.. and then soon enough its next friday and then you only have like so many more days to go until you get to see your man... If that made any sense at all haha.

Haha, yeah it did. I have just been reading and watching tv a lot. It kind of takes me out of my mind so I'm not worrying anymore.

oh! I will be jitter when I begin counting for weeks...still in months. I understand how you are feeling, begin to think that nothing is wrong, replace the negative thoughts with good ones and you will be feeling better. Lets cross the fingers for you to get your first letter soon :)

Thanks, I'm trying to look at it in weeks because months just make it seem so much longer for me.