I Love Him But....

I'm starting to get nervous about him coming home and being around my kids. I was talking with my Neighborhood/friend who I've known for years about how I have fears about Ryan and my kids. I'm afraid he will get scared off after he meets them. Don't get me wrong my kids are absolutely amazing, well behaved in public but just like any other kids they have their moments. I've been very worried all this time about it I feel that if he didn't want to be around or deal with my kids we wouldn't have made it this far. I'm just worried that maybe my kids will be too much and that he doesn't really realise what he's getting into, yeah it's easy to say I want to be there when I get home when you a zillion miles away but what happens when he is home? Do I even tell him I'm stressing over it? That in afraid that after he meets them he may not want to be with me?? I honestly don't know I'm love my kids and I love him, I just don't want to choose.
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I think you should tell him that you're worried that your kids will be too much for him to handle, tell him you want him around but don't want them to run him off. & if your kids are old enough, i'd have a talk with them & tell them that he means alot to you & will be around and you want them to treat him well . otherwise i don't really know. that's a tough situation.

He knows my kids are really important to me I just have a hard time with telling him how I feel. And my kids are really young so explaining things is kinda out of the question

I don’t think there is even an option for choosing, your kids are first.
My Marine has two kids from his previous marriage and I also don’t know them yet but I’m very clear here: he can’t live without them and I can’t live without him. I’m not a mom and I’m not totally sure on how I will act or feel with someone else’s kids, but they are his too and for that I will love them…regardless.

Aww that's actually kinda refreshing to hear. I want to talk to him about it but I'm afraid it will be too sensitive of a subject for me cause I always tend to get all teary eyed when my kids are the main subject of conversation

Talk to him. If he doesn't know what is bothering you then there is absolutely no chance to get it resolved. If you talk to him at least he is aware of how you feel and you can maybe find out if he is worried too. If he is scared off by your kids then he is not the one for you. If he loves you then he will love your kids.

I have a hard time talking about my feelings and he knows that