At Night Is When It Hurts The Most

It's always nighttime when it gets so cold and lonley. When i am in a bed all alone and dont have my lover to hold. I dont have him to hold me so tight and gently. I miss him the most at night time . Memories of Yesir just constantly stay on my mind . Laying on his chest and listening to his heartbeat as i fall asleep . I just want him back now:( he graduates from Parris island in less then 32 days . Im very impatient and im always doing something to keep me busy so days can go by faster . Being in love is so hard , but ill go through this anyday then to be without him.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I know the feeling. All I can say is that it does get easier and after everyday I started to realize how more and more worth the wait it is. Stay strong girl and good luck!