Away Again

so my boyfriend is in the marines and he is stationed on the west coast. i live on the east coast so i hardly get to see him and when i do its for a few days at a tme. recently he has been going on a lot of field ops in training for his deployment in april. while he is away at training i hardly get to talk to him and when i do its short conversations before he has to go. i miss him so much and love him so much but lately i have just been having a feeling of do i really want this?and do i want to be with him? i am not sure why i am feeling this way and i dont want to but i have been and only sometimes. our relationship is kinda new so i dont know if its me still getting used to having him gone or what. and i dont know if he is feeling the same way or not... i dont wanna bring it up to him now cause he is in training and i dont wanna upset him while he is there. im just wondering though is this feeling normal ? and if so what could i do to cope with him being gone better ? i need advice from someone who knows how it feels so leae respond!!
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no prob!! I'm so glad I was helpful! :)

thanksss so much ! you were right i tried thinking of life without him and i cant see that at all.. he is my best friend i tell him everything and whenever we are together we do everything together.. and the times and memories we do have together are way more important than when we are not together. military life is hard not just for our marines but for us too but my life wouldnt be half as awesome as it is if i didnt have my boyfriend. i just love him so much !!!! thanks again for your help !!!

Hey, I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm in a pretty new relationship as well, and sometimes I get those feelings too :/ I would be so grateful if someone had advice about that. But I think you can try picturing life without your boyfriend and seeing if that would make you more happier or if he is "the one" because it really is hard to have your boyfriend gone all the time :/ I hope that was somewhat helpful... If you ever want someone to talk to me and all these other girlfriends/significant others are here for you!