Having A Bad Day:(

Today hasn't been a good day at all. I've been feeling very lonely and depressed. I really dont have noone to talk to because rarely no one understands me but my boyfriend. Time is really narrowing down to his graduation date and for some reason it feels like the days are getting tougher . I haven't received any letters from him for about a week going on two weeks . I know he's extremely busy but i wish i could just know how he's doing or atleast hear from him. I cut all of those phony friends i had , i couldn't deal with fake people . So now i dont really have no one to talk to :( for some reason im feeling really insecure tonight . I know tomorrow probably ill wake up and be over feeling like this but im feeling horrible. I just want to feel loved again . I miss my boyfriend so much , i never knew how much he put a huge impact on my life . He was everything all in one . My lover bestfriend soulmate and any thing else you can think of . I just feel like **** :(
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

hope the best for the both of you may god be with him.