Is This The Right Way To Go ?

Im really starting to think if this is the right move to make that me and my boyfriend discussed to make . When he comes back from bootcamp were suppose to be getting married then after he comes from school he says he gets a house and were going to live together , so he wants me to grow up fast. Im only 18 and he's already talked to my mom and his parents and there all for it . But my father is another story . He knows nothing about this and i know he would flip when he hears this . He's going to think im crazy to leave get married and
Live on base with my boyfriend . Idk where he will get stationed but i know i want to go to college and get a nice job but i know it will get lonely . I just need some advice .
I dont know what im really getting myself into but i know i love this boy with all my heart and he feels the same . We're different from other couples . We're more stable and strong minded . We have alot of learning and growing to do with eachother but is this the right way for me ? I need help plz comment !
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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

I was going to ask you how exactly were you going to grow up fast, but then I saw your comment about learning and growing together, which is better. In my honest opinion your father is not that crazy for flipping when he hears that. Every father wants the best for their child: an education, health, love. Think about what you want, but consider all variables.