I Am New To The Group

Hi my name is Patty and I am new to the group. My boyfriend had just left 10/27 for Parris Island. I'm having a really tough time with it especially we were suppose to spend the weekend together because he was suppose to leave this coming Monday (11/2). We've only been dating for 3 months, but have been talking for quiet a long time. Right before he left he had proposed to me, but since he had no idea he was leaving that day till that morning we have no ring. Besides that our families have no idea besides his aunt and our friends because we're only 18&19 years old. I miss him so much so if anybody has any advice, please help me!

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2 Responses Oct 30, 2009

My boyfriend is 19 im 16 almost 17 and hes stationed in okinawa Japan. (: <br />
Hang in there girl.

my boyfriend just left for there too, two days ago!<br />
we're both 18 so i know how you feel lol.