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Im so new to this website. i ran upon it by googleing i love my marine.

Anyway my boyfriend comes home in 7 days. ( 11/15/09) from San Diego. i havnt gotten many letters from him since he has been over there for three months. i dont really know if its jjust he hasnt had time or he has just changed.

Did your boyfriend change threw bootcamp?


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My boyfriend just finished boot camp and is currently in Combat Training. They don't really have much time in boot camp. So don't take it to personally. They have all of this training packed into 13 weeks. They are training from the time they wake up until the time they go to bed...literally. But I think boot camp changes everyone. They become less dependent on everyone else and more dependent on other Marines. My boyfriend was pretty much the same person as he was when he left, just more responsible, more respectful, and a whole lot more considerate.

My current boyfriend and I started dating when he was home on boot leave, we ended up breaking up about a month and a half after he went back to California. That was 4 years ago. In the last 4 years I've been raising a child (that isn't his) got married (to someone other than him), got divorced, he's been deployed twice once to Okinawa and once to Afghanistan. Now, 4 years later, we are dating again, and he us finishing his last 35 days in active service. It's taken us 4 years, other relationships, deployments, divorce, etc to bring us back to where we are today. He is a much more mature guy and a very dedicated boyfriend. I'm not saying that it will take you 4 years to figure things out (I sure hope it doesn't) but our favorite saying is that everything happened for a reason.

My boyfriend went to Parris Island for Boot camp and it took awhile to get a letter back from him but he did end up changing. But for the good. More mature and grown up and he seemed like more of a Marine. Its exciting watching the change and the growing up they do.

My Marine is still in San Diego finishing his last few weeks of boot camp. So far, I've gotten about seven letters from him, but I haven't received one for almost two weeks. I think that it's mostly because they're too busy to write sometimes. I'll bet that even though he's working his butt off all day, he still has you on his mind 24/7. :)

My marine changed but for the better! It made him a better guy. He is still the sweet, handsome guy he was before but they make them grow up. Don't stress over not receiving many letters from him. I know they can't write often in boot camp. Like jtplove06 said, they can be different in person. The last time my bf was home we didn't really fight but I could tell something was up. He ended up breaking up with me. But, we started talking again and I think we are going to work things out- at least I hope and pray we will! :) I think it is a stressful time so you really just need to "go with the flow" and take life as it comes. For me, my bf had just graduated from MOS school and was preparing to transfer ba<x>ses. He was not looking forward to it and I think that was part of why we broke up. It can be difficult but give him space and time and I believe everything will work out for the best in the end! If you need anything feel free to message me. :)

My bf went to boot camp aug 17 - nov 13 in south carolina. before he left we proposed to me and everything was amazing. when he came back though it seems like we did nothing but argue. when he was gone he wrote me every week and we were SO excited to see each other but things were different in person. i really think he was just so stressed from the pressure and being gone so long that he was mentally different. after awhile he was back to normal though. (well as normal as he could be)

if he's in san diego at that base i know for sure he's just been hella busy. is he going through sniper school?<br />
my marine is a staff sergeant on that base

Hello. I didnt get many letters from my bf when he was in bootcamp either. I thought i had done something wrong or he had forgotten about me. but that was so NOT the case. it was exactly the opposite. he just missed me so much he really couldnt get all of his thoughts on paper and didnt have enough time to write what he wanted to say. Just keep reading the letters you do have and cherish them. I read his letters so many times. He is back at camp pendelton now for his final trainings. he thinks of you alot. my bf told me that he didnt have a moment that went by that he didnt think of me. He said he thought of me when he was trying to sleep and when he waited for food in the long chow lines and especially on chapel days. So keep your chin up and yes-they do change. im mean think about it-they left as guys and come back as Marines. they have to change. my john changed for the better and is so much more loving towards his family and me. you may not see his total transformation until he is back after all his training is done. <br />
best of luck and ill be praying for yall as you go through your transformations too. after all-you are in training to be a marine girlfriend. The Few. The Proud. The Loyal.

some change for the better and others for worse, but most of the time for better. =]<br />
my bf sure did change for the better and i love it, he's been in for almost 2 years and he still continues to keep changing for the better. stay strong!

hello. i recently graduated bootcamp and i can tell you he does nothing but think about you everyday. if hes changed probably want notice. especially when hes around you. i know i didnt and i couldnt wait to see my girlfriend. the whole letter situation is out of his control. they tell you when you can write and mail letters. so dont be mad im sure if he could write you more he would.