Tears, Distance, And Pixiestix

My dear marine and i have been together for quite a while, he is soon to be 23 and i am 19 and we have been together for 7 years. I was here when he went to boot camp, a school, his job and now, im effortlessly in love with him. But the distance is so hard. I want to see him and hold him, sometimes i think the tears wont ever stop falling. Friends say they understand but being in a military relationship we all know they dont. The distance is hard to deal with especially because im such a physical person but i thin kthe distance is only bringing us closer i love him so much and he truely is my hero, he told my sister to buy me pixie stix for halloween cuz he wasnt going to be here i had such a sugar high lol but he comes home soon so i can only pray that the tears stop and the kisses begin soon.

lilredprincess lilredprincess
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2 Responses Nov 14, 2009

its great that you two will be together soon! don't cry! nothing to cry about! he's coming back to you <3

This may not be my place but have you two talked about marriage? Because if you talk about it and do it you can move with him wherever he goes and distance won't be so hard.