Hello to All Marine Wives...

i thought i would try to start a group for the women who have the hardest job ever and that is being married to a marine. I am aboit to celebrate my two year wedding anniversary with the love of my life! it would typically be a wonderful day for an average i guess you could say, normal wife, but for me and since my husband is a marine, i will be spending out two year wedding anniversary by saying 'see you later' to him (we dont like the term good bye :)) bc he will be on his way to afghanistan. this is is second deployment and it will be the first tme i will be living without family. since he last deployment i moved back home to minnesota.

i know deployments are all different and everyone handles them differently but i thought this group could be used to just discuss life in general. whether or not your a new wife, or been married for 10 years to a marine. i believe we all share the hardships and joys of being a marine wife

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my hubbys leaving this month.for his first deployment..im very sad..but know we will do well..im so proud to be who i am right now to him.i love supportin my marine..

right. sticking together is really important. and my husbands name is scott. thank you both :)

I am sorry he has to go. I know how hard it is to live with out family. On the bright side, I am sure you will make a bunch of new friends who will end up being just like family. We all have to stick together right?!