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hey im ashley lynn my husband is one of the few and the proud. i am so proud of him for doing what he wants with his life and becoming a marine. he loves it one day and hates it another ha ha ha. i would not trade this life for anything and neither would he. we are currently at cherry point. its very nice here. i have been with my marine since 5 months before boot camp got engaged 3 months later 2 days after he was home from bootcamp and married 5 months after that. im only 21 and he is 19 everyone thought we had lost our minds. ha ha but when you know you know i guess. we love being married and being together. everyone in his family wanted us to get married and me to stay home until the late spring. he said he was not marrying me to be apart when we had the chance to be together because we will have plenty of chances to be apart. so im new at being a mairne wife even though i have gone through the bootcamp, mct, and mos schooling with him well sorta with him i stilll have alot to learn any advice would be great

ashleylynn ashleylynn
Feb 7, 2010