Finally Gave In To My Lust...

So a week ago tonight I finally did it. I cheated on my wife. With another man.

I was out at a local sports bar with a few co-workers, and throughout the night, this man kept looking at us. I assumed he was checking out one of my female co-workers, as they're all decent-to-hot, in terms of looks, and they were all dressed to impress. Which I was more than fine Anyway, no one seemed to notice this guy that kept staring our way, and I really didn't think too much about it until I went to use the washroom, and I noticed he was specifically looking at *me* when I walked by. When I came out, I swear he was looking me up and down, which sent a chill down my spine. I've been bi-curious for a little while now, and when I got the impression that he might be interested, I got incredibly turned-on. I went back to my friends, but kept returning his glances...and I had no problem noticing that he was insanely good-looking. He was slightly darker complexion, maybe spanish, with short black spikey hair, and what appeared to be a well-kept body. To say I stopped noticing my co-workers cleavage would be a tremendous understatement. Maybe the beer emboldened me, but I was seriously trying to figure out how to go talk to this guy.

And the next time I used the bathroom, I got the balls to just walk over to him, and I asked him if maybe he knew one of the people I was with. He said no, but that the one girl looked really hot. I agreed (and she did!). He told me I shouldn't be looking, since I was married (he was staring at my ring when he said it), and I swear, I don't know what came over me, but I looked him up and down *big time* and said, "there's nothing wrong with looking." It was VERY clear that I was interested. He almost immediately asked me if I wanted to finish the game at his place, and even though my heart was racing, I agreed. I didn't even tell my co-workers...I just followed him out.

Once we got to his apartment complex, he asked if I really wanted to watch the rest of the game. I said I really didn't care, honestly. Almost instantly, he leaned in and kissed me...and to my surprise, I kissed him back, letting my tongue wrestle with his. It surprised me because I'd been fantasizing about ****, but I never really thought about kissing a guy. But here I was, making out with this guy (this very HOT guy) in his freakin' parking lot on a Thursday night. After a minute or so, he pulled away, and we went upstairs to his apartment. I *immediately* started taking my clothes off...part of it was the beer, but part of me just wanted him to know that there wasn't any confusion about this. I keep myself in good shape, too, but when he took his shirt off...OH. MY. GOD. His body was ridiculous...he looked like he was chiseled out of stone. He asked if I was actually married, because I was gawking like I was "a full-time queer," as he put it. We both laughed. I told him that I had never been with a guy, but that he was probably the hottest person I'd ever seen naked. He cocked a little smile, pushed his jeans down to expose his gorgeous ****, and asked me if I still believed that. I just nodded my head. I really thought I was going to faint. He HAD to know I was wrapped around his finger at that point.

He walked towards me, and I instinctively kissed him. He asked me if I wanted to taste his ****; I nodded yes. I couldn't even talk...I thought I was having a heart attack, my chest was pumping. But I knelt down and slid my lips over the tip of his ****. He let out a own **** felt like it was going to rip out of it's skin. He asked me again if I'd ever been with a man. I didn't say anything; I just kept bobbing my head up and down on his amazing ****. My fear, at that point, was almost entirely gone. I was living my biggest fantasy, and I wanted to savor every second. I ran my hands up his god, that is the best feeling in the world. I actually slipped his **** out of my mouth to tell him how good his body felt. It felt amazing. Sooooooo different than any woman's body.

He said that he was getting close to *******, so I stopped sucking him off. He just kinda looked at me. I said, "If you *** now, I might freak out and run out of here." He looked at me like I was crazy. "I don't want to leave here without feeling something I've been fantasizing about for years." With that, I stood up, turned around, and bent over the back of his couch. He laughed and told me I was way too good at this for it to be my first time. But it was. Something just totally took hold of me, and I knew I wanted to feel his gorgeous **** in my ***. He barely had slipped it in before he was ******* hard inside me. I was shocked, because I had assumed he had done this numerous times before. And it turns out he had his share of experience; he just never had a straight man before, and it really drove him crazy. I laughed that he even called me straight at that point; I felt like I was way more gay than straight. And I was. :-P

Anyway, after he came, he asked how I wanted to finish, but I couldn't even answer him...I just stroked my **** staring at his body, and I exploded before I even knew it. After that, things did get a little awkward, so I didn't really hang around long. I didn't give him my number, because I was crazy paranoid about my wife figuring something out. I haven't called him yet. I'm debating in my mind what to do, but it was literally the *BEST* sex I've ever had in my life, even if it was relatively short. And I haven't touched my wife since then, so I know something's up.

The more I think about it, though, the more I know that I want more of that sexy man.
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So I don't know if anyone will see this or not, but I wanted to post an update. It's been over 3 YEARS since I originally posted this story, and I have to say that...Alex and I are still together. Which is crazy. It's been a crazy ride, with A LOT of ups and a lot of downs, but despite all the emotional distress involved in maintaining two seperate relationships (yes, I'm still married), we've somehow managed to stay together.

Despite the emotional toll it's taken, however, the passion is still very much real. In fact, that's probably the biggest reason we are still together. Having sex with a man was one of those taboo fantasies that I used to think about, and get myself off to, but I never imagined ever coming true. And when it DID come true, I couldn't believe it and I just enjoyed it like a teenager, thinking it would disappear quickly. I think that mentality; the mentality that it might end any minute, made me throw myself into it with more gusto than I maybe ever would normally do. It made me take more risks and be more open because I wanted to enjoy it while I had it. And somehow, 3 and a half years later, it still hasn't ended.

With that much time, of course, things do change. What started as something purely physical definitely evolved. Alex got very attached after several months, which took me a long while to adjust to. I kept telling myself it was just the fantasy...the sex...that I was into. I didn't want to be emotional. I didn't understand how we could have insanely hot sex for an hour or two straight, and then he would be so moody and not seem to enjoy it. So if anyone out there is looking for advice on a long term booty call (lol), my advice would be this; don't try to be detached. Be honest with yourself about what you like and what you can handle. It took me forever to realize that he was just jealous, because while we were having amazing sex, my wife was still getting all of my emotions and that side of the equation. And while it seemed crazy to me that my boyfriend was being jealous of my wife (isn't that crazy-sounding??), THAT was the moment when it hit me that I was IN A RELATIONSHIP, and that this person was a person, and they had feelings. And that was a real revelation for me.

That night I went out and bought a bottle of champagne and a dozen roses. For him. I stopped at the Calvin Klein outlet not too far from his place and bought a really tight pair of rainbow-colored CK briefs; the kind you see the really hot guys wear in gay ****. I changed into them out in the parking lot outside of his apartment, and I went up to see him. So of course, when he answered the door he had about 6 friends over, because they were watching Monday Night Football. There I was, standing at the door with a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne, and I was more embarrassed than I've ever been in my life. And even though we were very much on the down-low, I just couldn't help it. So I told him that I just had to see him, and I leaned in and kissed him right there in front of his friends. And I knew I was putting myself at risk that someone might know me, but I didn't care. My tongue was between his lips and I knew I was showing him that I cared.

I asked him if we could please go talk, so we went to his bedroom. I never said a word. I ******** down to my tiny little undies, knelt down, unzipped his pants, and started working his **** with my lips. I didn't care that his friends were in the room right next door. I just wanted him to know that I was into him and I didn't care who knew. To say he came fast would be an understatement; I don't think it took a full minute before he was shooting stream after stream into my mouth. When he was done, I put my clothes back on and left, not even wiping my chin.

And after that day, everything was so different.

Hi, that is so sexy. I wish i could be that lucky.

You just have to go out and make it happen, I think. Be bold. I go out of my way to flirt with guys at various places now, and it's kind-of amazing how many of them flirt back. I feel like I could definitely have gotten some numbers and made some things happen, but I haven't, because I've had a regular boyfriend for almost a year now. And juggling a wife AND a boyfriend can be exhausting, so I don't need to get more people involved at this

But there is a lot of opportunity for someone that wants to pursue men; you've just got to risk being a bit obvious that that's what you're looking for!

Risk. That's it. I have to overcome my fear. I know. That's one reason I'm here, to talk and be reassured it's OK.

You are so lucky. I just want some guy in my ***. I live in a small town damn!!! I just wish someone would **** my ***!!! I lick and **** my wife's *** I can see how good it feels. IWANT IT !! Like she gets it from me

It's kind-of surreal at first; if you get past the strangeness of it, though, it could end up being the hottest sex you've ever had. I've definitely become addicted to getting ****** at this point. :-P

I had to post another update; I just had the craziest sex!

I went over to Alex's tonight for what is fast becoming the usual; a workout in his building's gym room and some seriously hot sex afterwards. We went down to the gym as usual, but unlike usual, no one else was there. So we started doing all our stretches and everything, and still, no one came in. Alex said that he had a crazy idea, so he went over to the door, propped a weight against it, and turned the lights in the room off. He said that if anyone tried the door, they'd just think it was locked and that the gym was closed for some reason. I just plain got hard. =P

We both agreed that we shouldn't press our luck, so we got right down to it. It wasn't more than about 2 minutes before he was laying on his back on a free weight bench, and I was lowering myself down on top of him. He wanted me to ride him reverse cowgirl (cowboy? I don't even know what to call, but I couldn't do it because a.)the room, even with the lights off, wasn't completely dark, and b.) there's a small vertical window on the door to the room. If someone were to look, I have no doubt in my mind that they would have seen what we were doing. So I had to keep my back to that

However, I wasn't too afraid to let my *** slowly slide over his ****, whether we got caught or not. I just wanted him like crazy at that moment. And so I started to grind my hips up and down on that gorgeous **** of his, but the heat of the moment clearly got to him, because within about a minute of my grinding he was shooting streams of *** into my ***. Now, I spent my entire life prior to meeting Alex as a straight man, so I can't properly explain the sensation, but when you feel another man shooting his load into your ***'s like you hit another level. I started to *** all over Alex's chest, and I hadn't even touched myself! It's like being zapped with electricity...every part of your body lights up. It was intensely amazing.

As soon as I finished *******, he pulled me down to him and gave me the longest, wettest kiss. But then, of course, we started worrying about people coming in, so we jumped up and got We were both too freaked out to actually work out, so we just chilled for a bit in his apartment, and I ended up going home. And since the wife is sound asleep, I've got time to write this all down.

Sorry if it's kinda sporadic, but my heart is STILL pounding. God damn, it was such a rush to do that... =P

I thought I'd periodically post updates here, if anyone's at all interested. Things with Alex a word...amazing. I have never been more sexually satisfied in my life. And after a couple of months of being hot and heavy with a man, I can definitely notice some changes with my tastes. I find myself checking out men A LOT lately, while I seem to be a little less interested in the women I see. For example, my neighbor is getting his roof replaced before it gets too cold around here, and so he's had a parade of guys working on it the last few days. This morning, I looked out the window to see one of the guys take off his shirt, and my jaw hit the floor. He was totally ripped. And tan. And sweaty from working. I couldn't help myself; I unzipped my pants and got off *so* good watching him work.

Afterwards, I immediately felt guilty, but I find myself being drawn to guys more and more as time goes on. I texted Alex about what I did shortly after, and he responded with "Good, you SHOULD be getting off to men when you're not over here," which just got me aroused all over again. He really likes that he's "converting" me over from being a straight man, and quite honestly, I am really liking being converted. I don't know where it's going to take me, but I want to find out... :-P

Do you think you'd ever leave your wife? Do you talk about your wife when you're with Alex?

No, I don't think I'd ever leave my wife. I still love her and adore her. I'm just really enjoying exploring this other part of my sexuality. Reallllllly enjoying

We have talked about my wife before. It's not even that weird when we do, honestly. Our conversations are very not-weird, to be honest. Things don't get too weird whether we're having sex or having lunch. Things are just comfortable. It's pretty nice, actually.

Wow. It's nice that you're happy but please be careful. You might have to really join a gym because what if your wife asks if she can come too or why she doesn't see the bill for the gym membership? I can tell you as a woman the if you stumble on an answer my suspicions would be raised. And be careful with Alex as well. If he's totally Gay he may one day want more of your time and get tired of "sharing" you and that could cause trouble. Does he sleep with other men besides you? Just take care of yourself and don't bring anything home to your wife. Does anyone else know or just us anonymous followers :)

I actually have a real gym membership, so the cost and/or scenario of her wanting to come with me would be no issue. Crisis averted there.

Alex is totally gay, yes. I don't know if he'll get crazy needy or not, as I'm no mind-reader, but I don't envision that happening. He seems to like that we're having fun, and I'm thinking the same way. He's not sleeping with anyone else currently; he actually went through a pretty bad breakup with his boyfriend several months ago, and he's got a lot of emotional baggage with that.

At this point, we're just having fun. Lots and LOTS of And no, nobody knows except the people that have read it here. I can't imagine ever actually sharing this with anyone I know. But it's a great outlet to be able to "say" that my fantasies are being fulfilled in some sort of forum!

I want an update. :(

Well, after about 2 months of being bashful about it, Alex and I are uninhibitedly hot and heavy... =P. It took me what seemed like forever to get over my hangups about it, but I have; the truth is, I still love women (and my wife), but I also really love men. I love having a boyfriend. I can't believe I just typed But it's true.

My wife thinks I got a gym membership, which is actually semi-true. Alex and I work out every other day in the rec room of his apartment complex. We then continue the workout up in his bedroom, though, where I tend to get even MORE sweaty... =P

Do I feel guilty about it? Yeah, I do. Sometimes more than others. But I am literally having the greatest sex of my life with a man (a MAN!) who is seriously hotter than my wife is. I never thought I'd EVER think something like that, but he is. And so I don't think I'm going to be able to stop myself anytime soon!

I'll happily answer any questions here if people have them, though!

Have you seen the guy again? Do you think your wife would be supportive if you told her?

My wife would definitely NOT understand, honestly. She just wouldn't. I have seen him again, too. At first we just met a few times for lunch or coffee, and it's recently become physical again. I'll have to do a proper update soon.

You said you "haven't touched your wife since then". So are you gay now... or do you still want your wife....or have you figured it out yet?

I still love my wife...and I have touched her since then (I hadn't at the time). I don't think I'm gay, but I definitely enjoyed having sex with a man, so I guess I need to figure it out. I finally worked up the nerve to call him, so we'll see what happens.