My Interesting Life As A Crossdresser

Hi.. I've just been "playing" here in EP for a couple of days now, and I LOVE IT....

This "link" is just what I am....

I am a long time married crossdresser with a very supportive, accepting, understandfing, kowledgeable, and helpful wife who has taught me all the traitsd to emulate women from presentation, to walking, standing, sitting, mannerisms, make up, hair, nails, etc and from all of this, I've a very extensive wardrobe, including 42 pair of HIGH HEELS (and I do mean HIGH), and this for me, is a life style, and not a hobby, nor a passing fancy / whim.
I've been crossdressing now for several years, and I am able to do so whenever I want / desire, which is "365".
I own very little in the way of male ca-ca apparel and fully appreciate ALL female clothing. And even after all these years, my wife still continues to buy items for me - from apparel, to make up, to jewellry,  I thoroughly enjoy shopping for femme items whenever I see something I really appreciate or needless to say - require, 
Plus the fact that we are very close - apparel size wise, so when she no longer likes a garment needles to say, it doesn't go too far from her clothes closet but into mine.. Very easy transfer, eh..?

Over the years, I have more or less "divorced" myself from the male gender, due to their macho males lifestyles, abuse of women, foul language, excessive drinking and their macho male ways in general - who needs it...?

I'm "open" top all chats with other "girls" who are in this lifestyle and scenarios.. Please - NO 'men" - no wannabees and NO individuals who suffer from "baby bird syndrome" I spend ample time on Yahoo Messenger if anyone would care to chat within...  I also have a 175 pic web site for those who are serious, sincere, and interested...  Hope to hear..
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1 Response Oct 18, 2011

HI Rachelle,<br />
Sounds like your a pretty (pun intended) serious (know who you are) cross dresser. Who can Femulate (Stana's blog her world with pride! Like you, I'm in a similar world. I have a supportive loving and giving wife (she is the professional, I am the domestic) who enjoys not having an alpha male (though, I am alpha female). Our relationships work quite well because through our love, we do for each other with love. Though I don't do full time femulation (24/7 presenting female) I wear very few male clothing, have very few male friends (if they aren't sensitive, they aren't on my friends list) and detest testosterone squirters. I do hang on to my male appearance, for those times when it's really necessary and convenient to be "male". Like you I have much to be grateful for, though my wife doesn't quite get my need for great shoes!