2 Weeks As A Woman

This morning, as usual I got up and put on the coffee and let my wife sleep until it was ready. The woman loves her coffee. I was wearing my pink silky PJs. The top is pull on and the shoulders and neck line and the bottom him of the top is lacy. The bottoms are boxer style and the waistline and legs are lines with lace also.

The coffee was ready and I woke my wife with a kiss and a cup of coffee. Okay I also always rub her ***. She has the most fuckable *** I have ever see. I used to beg her to let me **** it and her answer was always no. One day she told me if I let a guy **** my *** she will let me **** hers. Now I am ******* her *** on a regular basis and we both are enjoying it, But thats a whole other story.

Anyway, I always sit on the edge of the bed and we chat a few minutes about the upcomming day. Then she moves to the kitchen bar. She usually sleeps nude and stays that way until her morning shower. We were chatting for a few minutes whem she asked; "Brandy, are you aware that you have been dressed as a woman for two weeks straight."

When I am dressed she always calls me by my CD name. I looked at her and thought about it and realized she was right, I hadnt had on a single peace of mens cloths in two weeks. I dont sleep in my wig but after I shower I would get dressed and put on my wig to spend the day. ( she does my makeup and I only wear it when we go to a club or meeting friends). I asked her if my being dressed so much botheres her and her imediate response was hell no. I could spend the rest of my life dressed as a woman and she would be totally cool with it.

She reminded me that I had a few errands to run today and asked if I was going to stay dressed to do them. Recently I have gotten bold enough to go out at night dressed but the thought of going out in the day scared me. She came to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me very warmly.

"Sweetheart, if you go run these errands as Brandy, Tonight I will invite Erin over and you can join us as we make love. Erin and my wife have been friends for years. She is very sexy and all I can say is wow. She and my wife have been lovers for years. I have always been able to watch them together but never join like she lets me with other women.

"You will need to do my makeup," I told her.

She agreed and headed for her shower. I jumped in with her for a quick shower and then I shaved and headed for my dresser. I chose my black lacy thong that has a matching bra. I put in my breast forms and looked in the mirror. The nipples were hard and showed thru the bra. I loved it. Next I went to my closet and chose a pair of low rise jeans that are very tight and a soft blue turtle neck sweater. It has a sweeping neck with it. then I found a few rings in my jewelry box and several bracelets.I put on my white 4 inch heels.

My wife was out of the shower and chose my red wig. Its just at shoulder length with blondish esd hair that is straight. It took her about 10 minutes to apply my makeup. I looked in the mirror and was excited and nervous. I was actually getting hard from the thought of going out like this in the daytime.

My wife noticed my hard **** and undid my pants. "Cant have a woman walking around with a Hard on," she told me. She started giving me a blow job. She loves sucking **** and swallows all of it. She completed getting me off and I got redressed. She finished getting dressed and we headed out the door together.

The two errand were to get an oil change for her car and she needed some scrubs for work. I pulled away in my car and I pulled away in hers. I was a few blocks away when she called me and told me I looked great and to relax and have fun.

My first stop was the oil change. I pulled into a Jiffy Lube about a mile from our house. The butterfies were as big as eagles in my stomach. I almost chickened out but pulled on in. The person guiding me over the pit was a woman that I am guessing was a dike. That helped me relax just a little bit. This lady came up and opened the car door and adressed me as mam. We talked about the servous I wanted and she told me to wait in the lobby. It would be about 15 minutes. Two of the guys that she worked with were whispering and looking my way. I couldnt hear what she said to them but she did yell something and it stopped. There were no ther customers in the lobby. 15 minutes later she came in and I paid for the oil change. She walked me to the car and held the doors as I got in. Away I went feeling really good.

My next stop was really worrying me. It was a small store that only sold cothing for medical personel. The young lady that woks there knows and remembers every one of her customers. I have been in there several times both alone and with my wife. I was sure she would recognize me.

About 30 minutes later I pulled into the small parking area of the shop. I could see through the window that she was helping a customer so I waited in the car. Five minutes later the person left and I went in. The young ladies name is Linda and I am sure she isnt even 25 yet. She greeted me as she does every customer. Then my fear came true. She recognised me. She smiled big at me. Not one of those; what the **** smiles but a smile like she does all customers. "Good to see you Mr. T, she said; or is it Ms T today. I was able to tell her to call me Brandy. "Alright Brandy it is," she said.

She began helping me like she had so many times before.We found 4 differant sets of scrubs in my wifes size. The entire time she was asking about how I had been and how was my wife. We got back to the counter and she started ringing them up and then stopped and went back to one of the isles and returned with another pair of scrubs. They were pink and she told me theye were a gift from her to me. She pointed me to a dressing room to try them on. As I was changing she told me to be sure and come out and let me see so she knew they fit. It felt great modeling for another woman even if it was scrubs.

I got redressed and insisted that she let me pay for my new scrubs. I also thanked her for being so sweet with me being dressed. That is when she told me that she has an older brother who is a CD. No one in her family knows but her and she enjoys helping him dress. She has encouraged him to be bold and enjoy it she asked if I minded is she told him about me and I told her it was fine. She then told me that she has always liked my wife but now has alot more respect for her for approving of me doing this.

"How do you know I am not just sneaking out," I asked?

She giggled at me, "Brandy, if you were just sneaking around and your wife didnt know you wouldnt choose a place where the person knows your wife. Second reason I know is a few months ago you were here with her and when you leaned over I saw you were wearing a red thong panty.

I stayed in the same outfit all day and when my wife got home from work I had a bottle of wine open and ready. I told her about my trip out and she was proud of me. Of course I had to model the scrubs for her. I was also informed that Linda will be over tomorrow night. If you want I will tell you what happens
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Girl...You have more er... balls then I do...that's for sure. Must have been the thrill of your life. Through your stories I see there are quite a few Women out there that not only accept but love us this way. I guess like everything else it's FEAR that always holds us back and stops us from being all that we can be. Bravo girlfriend...Bravo!

Loved the story! cant wait to read the next part.