More Woaman Than You Can Handle, More Man Than Youll Ever Be

I am one of the lucky one. By that i mean I am a lucky CD.I could walk through the Mall of America on the busiest shopping day of the year dressed as a woman and my wife would happily walk beside me and tell off anyone that said a word negativly.

Why should anyone care that I like dressing as a woman? If I have known you for years and you have thought that I was all man and right now tell you I am wearing panties, what has changed. I am the same man you have known for years. I had a time in the military and won 2 purple hearts. I was a poloice officer and decorated for my services. I have earned my right to be called a man. The fact that I also enjoy wearing womens cloths doesnt change any of that. Look at this ****** up world. If we would all stop worrying about what someone else is doing or wearing and accept them for who they are then the world wouldnt have near as much termoil.

You guys out there, yell me how my wearing a skirt changes anything in your life. You women, some of you have a man that is secretly wearing your panties and other lingerie. Right now you love him and tell the world how lucky you are that you have such a man. Then he tells you he wants to wear panties and you think he is a freak and run away.

No one is getting hurt because one of is guys wants to wear a dress just like no one is hurt because you ladies like to wear jeans. Remember there was a time that the world thought it was wrong for a woman to wear pants.

Acceot those that are differant and you will find that alot of use are really great interesting people and your missing out by not knowing us. I am not saying that what I do is something you have to do. I will never condem you for what you do as long as no one else is getting hurt. So why are so many of you so quick to condem me. Even if I am in a dress and you are in distress I would jump in and help you.

Something to think about huh?
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4 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Allow me to join the chorus below, both as to the sentiments you expressed and the good fortune of having a wife who loves me as I came wired.

Your wife sounds very much like mine - a rare treasure indeed! And thanks for your service too (one vet to another)

Well put Brandy and know that most of us agree with you. You and I are among the lucky ones who have understanding loving Wives. Their love for us has helped us accept ourselves and we will forever be in their debt. So many people (maybe most) seem to look for what is wrong with someone else rather then what is wrong with themselves. I am fortunate to be naive enough to accept everyone until proven wrong.

I like this post!! Just what I think also.