My Typical Day

I am a very lucky man because I dont have to hide my dressing. I have the greatest wife in the world who not only allows me to dress, she encourages it and sometimes I thing she enjoys it more than I do. I just wanted to share with you a little about how a day goes now that I am retired.

One of the things I enjoy is getting up in the morning and having the coffee ready for her before she gets up. She doesnt hear the alrm in the morning. I have it set to 30 minutes before she needs to get up.

I Roll out of bed. I wear a nighty to bed everynight. She used to wear a t shirt but now sleeps nude because she loves snuggling to the silky material. We have a king size bed but most of the time we could easily sleep in a twin bed. I go to the kitchen and get the coffee started and get the heat turned up just a little bit. When the coffee is done I take a cup to her in bed and wake her with kisses. When she wakes she sits up slightly and sips her coffee. Every morning she will then slide her hand under my nighty and rub me for a few seconds. after about half of her coffee is gone and weather permitting we move to the patio and talk and enjoy the coffee, If the weather is bad we move to the kitchen bar. Many morning as we are chatting I jack off because of the way she rubbed me. Her eyes never leave my **** when I am doing this. Much of the time I shoot my load into my coffee.

After about 30 minutes I head for the shower. While I am in the shower she always asks if I am gooing out of the house for anything or will I be staying home. If I am going out she will just lay out panties and bra. If I am staying home she will lay out an entire outfit for me. On a day that I will be cleaning the pool she lays out my bikini to wear as I clean. the pool.She thinks my tan lines are sexy.

we always spend about 30 minutes together after the shower and I walk her to her car in the garage. No mater what I am wearing I dont attempt to hide as the garage door goes up and she pulls out.

Later I will decide what I am making for dinner and also what I will be wearing when she gets home. What I wear depends on my mood. I do like wearing mini skirts and see thru blouses. I will lay out my new outfit and then get dinner started. About an hour before she gets home I start changing cloths. Doing the cooking as i change usually i have to put on one piece of cloths and run back and check on dinner. I also make sure there is a fresh pot of coffee going (She loves her coffee).

When I hear the gargae door start to open I know she is about a half a block away so I go to the garage to greet her. Again I make no attemp to hide as i stand there waiting. I pour her coffee and we sit at the counter and she tells me about her day and I tell her about mine.

We spend the evening as any other couple does except most nights I am dressed as a woman. If I am wearing more than just panty and bra she always calls me Brandy. About 30 minutes before bed she goes in and lays out what she wants me to wear to bed. i know that if her strap on ***** is laying on the bed we are about to have a wild night. On that night after I am dressed she will go in and change. She bought herself a pair of mens slack and loves to tuck the hard **** down the leg so as she walks into the living room she looks like a well hung guy with a hard on. We kiss for awhile as i rub her **** thru her slacks. then I pull it out and start sucking it. She gets really turned on as I do this. In my mind I am wondering, will she **** me doggy style which means it will be hard or with my legs over her shoulders and she ***** me long and slow.

She is great about telling me what a nice **** I have and how good my ***** feels. We also have a double headed ***** that she puts in my ***** and then rides the other end hard. If for some reason I get overly ecited and start to cumm, she pulles the ***** out and I cumm all over it and then she pushes it back into me ******* me with my own cumm.

I am one LUCKY *****

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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Indeed, you are very lucky to have such a supporting spouse.

Having a supportive GG is the best.


Love your story. I wish every crossdresser was as lucky as you are