Lingerie Shopping Day

My wife and I went lingerie shopping for me for the first time today.

She has always been supportive, but I have been very slow to open up fully until recently. We arranged to go to two shops this morning. We discussed how open we were going to be with the clerks, and the anticipation was a little breathtaking...

The first store, despite having silk in stock, seemed to cater to tastes and styles that wouldn't work for me. We stayed under the radar here because of the vibe. We agreed that she should have a bra fitting, and after a while found a very flattering bra for her and we bought it and left.

We went to the second store to see a particularly nice nightgown that I had seen on a previous visit. It was a pale green silk shortie with silk lace and an X style spaghetti strap back. My wife fell in love with it at first sight! We kind of had to tell the lady helping us it was for me because it was way too small for my wife. She seemed a little shocked, but recovered and helped us with our purchase.

When we got home we were distracted by life's obligations until after supper. During the afternoon we talked off and on about a lot of things, particularly about makeup. I have only used nail polish once, and tried lipstick a few times, both by myself. She sent me to the store to get some blue nail polish for her and she was intrigued about me getting lipstick that resembled some from the 60's that we both remembered. After supper we took a bath together, shaving each others legs (my second time ever) and did each others nails. We both put on this very pale link 'candy cane' lipstick and I put on my new nightie and she put on one of her silky long nightgowns, and we went to bed and have a very nice time together.

What a perfect day!

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5 Responses Sep 29, 2013

Days like that are incredibly fun and rewarding. To share all of who we are with our trusted woman brings a closeness that few couples ever achieve and to the very meaning of marriage!

That sounds like a lovely day, I've had several with my wife and it makes me appreciate her even more each time. I love that she can see see me as a man even when I am dressed up. She lives the softer side of me too.

I'll say that's a perfect day! You are fortunate to have a wife that appears to understand and accept this side of you. I, like many others, remain in the closet and take our dressing as the opportunities present. Could you share how you told your wife about the CD side of you?

You are a very lucky man!

She's a real special woman, and I love her dearly.

Joni, I am so thrilled for you to be able to share the intimacy of shopping for lingerie with your wife and to cap off the experience with, well, intimacy!
Way to go!

Thanks for your support! Opening up has been hard to do, but the rewards are fantastic!

You are so welcome- I really am excited with how this is going for you, Joni.