How Dare You!!

Lately I've been getting a disturbing amount of inappropriate private messages. I'm sure none of the ******** sending me these things will read this post, but I'm too annoyed to just keep my mouth shut!!

While I am personally aggravated by being disrespected by inappropriate comments, I am even more upset about how this type of behavior furthers a negative stereotype of cross dressers and transgendered women. I am not a freak or a pervert, and neither is my husband. Cross dressing is not a sexual fetish or means of erotic deviancy.

We're putting ourselves and our stories out in the world to try to change minds and help reshape society's idea of normal. We're a lovely, kind, accepting, couple who is trying to lead by example.

The men who post half naked pictures and send nasty messages are undermining the positivity that I am trying to spread. I personally won't tolerate it. I hope that the other crossdressers, transgendered women, and wives on this site will join me in chastising the people who post like perverts and cheapen their image.

We'll never change society's image of gender fluidity unless we prove to society that it is something beautiful, not something gross!

That being said, here are my rules for friendship/chatting on EP. If you can't follow them, then don't waste my time (or yours) by initiating conversation.

1) Be respectful to me and to anyone else who posts on my stories or comments. You don't have to agree with everything that is said, but I won't tolerate bullying, bigotry, or disrespect.

2) I am here exclusively to give and receive support and friendship from people who get me. I am not looking for sex, hookups, or erotic stimulation. I don't want to read your explicit sex stories, nor will I share explicit sex stories of my own. If I post stories that make mention of sex, they will be in good taste. I have no interest in verbal ****. And no, that does not make me a prude.

3) I am a happily married woman in a monogamous relationship. My husband is truly  the only creature in the universe that I have eyes for. I don't care what you look like, who you are, or what you think you have to offer. If you're wanting anything other than friendship, I'm not interested. We do not swing. We do not want to meet you for a "good time."

4) Do not solicit me for sexy conversation or photos, and especially do not solicit me for photos of my husband. (He is a cross dresser, not a prostitute, and I am not a pimp. I'm his wife. I'm fiercely protective of him. Don't even attempt to cheapen who he is with those kinds of requests!!) If I post photos of Kira, they will be from the neck up or will be fully clothed. Do not private message me asking to "see more." What's underneath the dress has been, and always will be, for my eyes only.

I'm a pretty friendly, open minded person, but I WILL NOT tolerate you attempting to "cheapen" the men who are strong enough to openly embrace their feminine side.

I WILL flag your comments/photos as inappropriate, report you to EP, and block you if I need to, so please be respectful.
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Go GIRL Go! I think there is a lot of us that think and feel the same. I know my wife and I sure do, I also am married (22 yrs) and the wife has known from before we were married. She has gotten into dressing F to M, kinda goofy at times both cross dressing and all, but life can be so much fun. Lets all keep it that way

Well said. I too am here to discuss (and reveal) some issues related to crossdressing and will offer, and look for support as needed.
I am not here to solicit encounters, and do enjoy some serious discussion on a variety of topics.
Your husband is very lucky to have a loving supportive woman as you by his side.
Good luck to both of you.

You go girl! There are a lot of ******** out there for sure but also know that there are quite a few couples who have a need to just talk to each other and share experiences. My wonderful wife and I are one of those and I'm so sorry that your experiencing some of the more deviant types.
Your completely right in that cross dressing will never be accepted in main stream society unless viewed in a positive light. For too long most folks only introduction to Trans people has been through movies and the occasional news story and almost 100% of that time they are negative. It's not nearly as big of a deal as one would think but if you watch the media...we are either freaks or murderers or at the very least...someone to laugh and scoff at!
I enjoy reading your discovery and adventures in his C/ding and just wanted you to know...your not alone out there. Cynthia

What she said! Seriously! This is exactly the reason hubby and I were ready to give up on ever finding people like us who understand us. There is nothing whatsoever dirty or perverted about his crossdressing nor mine! Too many times when we've only been searching for others to relate to, we've been swarmed with this sick type. I'm so thankful to have finally found all of you here at EP. For once, we actually know we aren't alone! Thank you so very much!

Well said!! Like happilymarriedguy I have been lucky enough not to receive negativity but once. I blocked and reported the offender and haven't heard from them since. You have a wonderful relationship that I can only envy.

You've hit it right on the head! There are those of us who are here to support and value each other as human beings with some shared, and some unique experiences.

I get the feeling that there is a cross section at EP that see this as a no-holds-barred hookup site. Possibly because they are too cheap or cowardly to put themselves out there at an appropriate *dating* site of their choice.

Have you seen Hongruillin's responses to attempted sexting? It's hilarious!

HA! That's great. :)

HAHAHA! Unraveled balls of yarn! hehehe that was awesome! I needed that laugh! :)

Very well stated.
There are too many perverts just looking for a cheap thrill here on EP.
I have gotten lucky, because I have not received that many degrading private messages. I have blocked a few members, but most that "friend" me if I see something in their stories or experiences I don't like I just don't "friend" them back.