Being Taken Anally While Eating His Girlfriend

I have read some of the stories about guys wanting to be taken anally while their wives watched. I think that would be totally hot as well. I have never done that but I did have the opportunity to be ****** in my *** and eat his girlfriend while he was inside me.

He is a black man about 50 years old and his girlfriend is in her mid-20's. He is a real nice guy with a very very thick ****. She is a pretty young thing with a very nice figure. They came over to my place with the intent of her just watching as he ****** my ***. She had always wanted to see that happen. Well, he was all hot and ready and so was she, so they ****** some together before I joined them. It was hot just watching them and I did play with her **** while he was ******* her.

Then he was ready to **** me, he hadn't *** yet. I got on all fours and he got behind me in our regular way of *******. He has a **** that really stretches me open nicely. She stood to the side of the bed and watched as his **** entered my hot hole and played with herself. I could tell from the moans from everyone that they were enjoying this as much as me. I just love to have my hole stretched by a really fat one. I was really turned on with her watching me getting dicked by her boyfriend and asked her if I could eat her ***** at the same time. She hesistated but he said go ahead and let him eat your ****, so she layed down in front of me and spread those lovely brown legs. She was already so wet from being ****** and playing with herself that she smelled so damn hot and tasted even better.

He continued to plow my bottom good as I sucked and licked away at her sopping ****. I was so hot by now and so was she that when I told her to flip over and let me rim her *******, she did so immediately. As he was stroking my rectum with that big hot fat ****, I pulled her buns apart and buried my tongue deep as I could into her browneye. Man, did she taste good back there. A little sweaty and a good bit of ***** juice that had flowed back that way. I was in heaven. A **** in my *** and a really good looking black *** pressed around my face.

She began to ****** and when she did, he did too. I guess seeing her *** tripped his trigger too. I had two bucking broncos on either end of me so I decided to grab my **** and try to catch up. Well, it sure didn't take long and I was shooting hot sticky *** all over the sheets myself. It was one of the best ******* that I ever had. Just the thought of that session makes me hard. We haven't been together again in a couple of months now but I am sure ready when we can arrange it again.

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2010

Sounds like fun, would love to feel a nice fat **** fill my hole and fill me with his *** while eating his girlfriend out.

WOW.......What an experience. It makes me horny to think about it.