I Work Cheap

23yo nanny looking for a live-in job. Times are very tight, wiling to work for just room and board, ANY LIFESTYLE is ok. just add me.

I am from Denmark, your way of life will become mine, will never try to change a thing or tell you what I think unless you want me to. Nothing can shock me!

OpenMindedNanny OpenMindedNanny 22-25, F 5 Responses May 11, 2011

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Loving you cathy!!...msg me -)

Too bad you don't live in the States, specifically Ohio. I have a spare bedroom, a house that I don't like to clean, and laundry that refuses to fold itself.

agreed you hired ...leave me a msg on my board

i would love you to be my nanny and treat me like your baby, feeding me and changing me and spanking me when i have been naughty.

I think you are under selling yourself. A good nappy with an attitude like yours is really worth a fortune!!