Am I Asking Too Much?

My husband and I have a beautiful baby girl who is 15 months old. Him and I both work full time. I work 8-5 Mon-Fri and he works a rotating schedule. He leaves for work at 4 am and gets home anytime between 10am and 2 pm. I take the baby to daycare, work an 8 hour day and pick her up from daycare 3 dyas a week. He picks her up by 4pm the other 2 days a week. He has only gotten up with her during the night 3 times ever! He will wake up to her crying and wake me up to get her as he gets up earlier so I get more sleep than him. Litterally he takes daily naps when he gets home from work either until I get home or he has to get the baby. He works almost every weekend but will have a day off during the week. He still has me take the baby to daycare on his days off so he can "do stuff around the house" tuesday was his day off... he slept till 11 then went watched tv till 4 and went hunting from 4:30-8:30. During that time I picked up the baby, made dinner, fed her, got her ready for bed put her to bed, and cleaned the kitchen. He doesn't apply for different jobs even though his current job isn't paying our bills and is hurting our relationship. He doesn't have his own bank account and uses our joint account for everything. He is a good dad when he wants to be but how do I make it clear that this isn't an optional thing.
Kalihansmom Kalihansmom
Oct 6, 2011