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I'm a ten month out of each year single married mom. My husband is in the Royal Air force and isn't home very often. We have three children who are 10years 3years and 2years. My youngest two are boys and they are a year and 2 days apart. My limits have been tested and there are moments I think why did I ever get into a situation like this. But I wouldn't give up any of it for the world. Sure its tough. But it is all worth it. I love my kids and my husband. I couldn't imagine my life without them. I'm a very Strong willed person and this has helped me along the way. Their are times I think I can't go on and then my kids will just do something that makes me laugh and that makes it all worth while. I don't want to ever end up a statistic. My husband and I only have five more years and then he retires from the RAF. When you marry into the forces this is what is expected in this day and age. You have to be strong and hold your family together because you are the mother and the father. You have to be the shoulder to cry on. You have to pick up the piece and be the one that every time they leave something seems to happen and there is no one to turn to. You are the one who has to give all the physical  love and attention and respect nothing in return for all that you do as a mother. You are the one that isn't really single you are married and you have to put your emotions behind you and to the side because no matter how much you miss them they can't come home. Everything is placed on you even though you are not a single mom you have to explain that daddy loves you very much but, he has to do his job and when your children want to go with daddy you have to explain not this time but at the same time you don't want them to know how scared you are Daddy may not come home and then you are a single mom left to pick up the pieces. Being a single married mom is the hardest job I have ever had in this world but it is the most rewarding job at the same time.X

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Bless and so true.x

Even though we live in different countries and our husbands are in different professions, we both have one thing in common and that is no matter what happens, we still love our husbands very much! Us married-single moms have to stick together!

My husband has been in 19yrs and has 4yrs left because he has to do 2yrs for the Queen because he joined at 16yrs old. Were moving back on Base back to the UK in a 7weeks can't wait it will be a huge help. But I can't stand dealing with Military wives on base. But it is fun watching from a distance.x

Your story seems to be alot like mine started about 19 years ago. My husband has been in the military 24 years and I hope he that retires in the next two years provided that he doesnt get offered any more money or rank. When I read your story I was able to reflect on how I use to feel when my hildren were around your age. Today I happen to be in a burn out mood. Most military wives get them ocasionally. Very entertaining

I know, Lol Denver can be such a handful.x

I know, Lol They drive me mental most of the time though. lol x

You are very strong. And yea those babies will keep a smile on your face no matter how sad you are!!!

Its just a way to make the day go by faster and get your mind off the other half for a little while.x

Yeah, that would be nice. We can do our best to help, I guess!

Thats why this place is great. Because you meet so many wonderful people that are in our shoes. You can talk about your loved ones being on deployment and you know you will be heard. Its amazing. It doesn't matter what rank or how long they have been in. Or what branch they are in. There is still support. I would like to see that ON the outside world. A better understanding.x

You are much stronger than I could ever be. You are such a hero to me. You have sacrificed so much and lived such a heroic life. It really is inspirational. <br />
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I feel silly when I tell people my boyfriend is in Iraq...they look at me like, boyfriend? Who cares? So I don't usually talk about it. But I know that I'd give up everything just to be with him. And I'll wait, no matter how long it takes. No matter how hard it is. I'm determined, and now with people like you to look up to, it makes things much easier for girls like me. <br />
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Thank you.