A Trucker's Wife and a Single Mom

I am a "married-single" parent and have been for going on 4 years now, my little girl is almost 4 yrs old.  My husband is a over the road truck driver and works very hard to provide for me and our daughter.  However, it is very lonely and tiresome. I also am a full time nursing student and worked too for the first 2&1/2 years of being of a married-single parent; good thing I take medication to keep me sane! But I don't work anymore outside the home for the time being, it just got to be too much for me to handle. Plus, I am in charge of the finances, housework, decision making in the home, etc.   I do want to make something clear though, I'm not on here to bash my husband because he is gone all but one or two days a week, because he takes care of us and provides, he's not some deadbeat dad and we love him very much.  I really am just on here because I want to know that I am not alone and that there are other moms out there experiencing the same things.  I guess my biggest problem right now is that when he does come home, he really doesn't want to be a part of the team because he is so tired. I feel like he should want to do things with us and help me, etc. when he is home, even though he is tired, because he has been absent at home.  Then our sex life is almost non-existant, which hurts too and he treats it as no big eal, as he puts it "its just sex, honey, its not a big deal." He doesn't understand that after me be alone all week, I crave being alone with him when he is home.  Sometimes, it is very difficult for me to admit that my best friend is a 3 year old (although, who could ask for a better friend than your child).

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Any advice on how to get everything done, with a 3 year old? My husband is gone 5 days, 3-4 nights on average. Home most weekends...working one weekend day once or twice a month. I am a full time student, father with stage 4 prostate cancer which can come along with many responsibilities as his daughter. My husband and I argue about why can't I get everything done like all other moms AS IF he has a 9-5 typical job, not to mention AS IF I'm some typical stay at home mother whose only responsibilities include caring for our child, cooking, and cleaning. If only that were the case, I would have it made. Feeling hopeless, exhausted, and unappreciated. Help!

Three and a bit years on from your original post, how are things now? How is your husband towards you? Have you managed to find a better balance in life, sex, household chores, etc? <br />
I really hope so.<br />
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I can so understand where you are coming from. I too am married to an over the road truck driver and it is a very hard thing to juggle. I am here to chat if you like, I would love that too.

Bless, i understand where you are coming from. This used to be my life before Steven and I met. I used to live in Alaska and I was with a trucker aswel. It was a hard life and unless you live it I don't think you can comphend it. I'm here if you ever want to chat. Stay strong and let hiom know how you feel. x