Going Insane

My husband is in the British Force. We live in the UK. However I am American. So we found out my husband was going to be deployed. So we went back to the U.S. So I could have a bit of help with our children and be near friends. He had been deployed for the last 17 months. So he was told that he wouldn't be going away anymore at the end of April.

So I move back to the UK May 1st and we get the children settled and into a good routine. We have a 11yr old daughter and 4 and 3yr old boys. Then it comes to about a week and a half ago Steven Goes into work and they turn to him and say were really sorry but were going to have to send you away again. On June 8th, because one of the guys he works with has hurt his shoulder and been on medical down grade. Mind you this guy has been on Medical down grade for the last 2 years so how they thought that would change is beyond me.

I don't drive in the UK and there is nothing really around where we live. It bites. I don't go to any mum's and tots group. Because as I was told before I am different and a loud American so I just stick to myself. There is to much drama with being involved with anything they have on Camp (Base). 

 So Steven is gone and our kids won't listen to me at all. I had to go to the Doctor's today and they were horrible. I feel like a horrible parent and I know people are looking at me like your kids are out of control. Why do you allow them to act this way. Honestly I just feel like checking myself into the mental ward for a break. Or sending them to the local Zoo because my boys are acting like monkey's lol I don't know what to do to get them to mind that I don't already do.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? x


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I think I forget at times how hard it is on them. because I have grown a thick skin to it. I just get on with it because I know I have to. I know he will be home one day. But to the kids it must seem like forever.x

Glad to hear today went well. And I know how hard that must be, not only frustrating and sad for you to see hubby go, but for the kids as well.

Lol, I will P.M you when they come up. Which is quite often. But for today they were good. I almost went into shock. lol I think part of it was Daddy had just left. He's been away almost the last two years solid. x

Sure thing, like I said, any specific questions just ask, gotta do something with this knowledge, lol.

Bless, <br />
Thank you so much for your comment. I think that will help. They do thrive on there routine. If I miss something they get nervous. lol <br />
I think the one warning I will give a go. Because now it seems as if I have to give two or three and they still push it.<br />
I sometimes just get so discouraged because they are so much a like and then so different. Plus so close in age that it can cause them to fight. I think its hard knowing how much of it is just being boys or being little. <br />
There so good for everyone but me. x

I taught preschool for 8 years, so I know the age group your youngest are in pretty well. I would need behavior specifics though to try to help. Definitely set up a routine. This doesn't mean it has to be a strict schedule, but a lot of young kids thrive on routine. Just the fact of doing things in the same order, not neccesarily at the same time, but say; breakfast, work on the alphabet, play time, bathroom, snack, etc. fill in with your own activities. Have them help you set up rules and consequences for breaking them. Start enforcing the one warning rule. And stick to it, consistency is key with discipline. Like were you to ask your boys to clean up their toys, and they start doing otherwise(keep playing, throwing, ignoring you) then give them one warning that they will get a time-out, or whatever discipline type you use and follow through. Pm me if you have any specific questions, I have two children who required two totally different styles of discipline, and have worked with MANY kids in my days. :-) Best wishes, I hope you meet an amazing mom friend soon, goodness knows it helps. I didn't move out of the country, but I moved 3000 miles away from home and it's taken a while to get to know other moms that I could be friends with instead of just the kids being friends. Take care <br />