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Addicted… No Chance Of ‘rehab’… My Destiny Sealed… Black Owned

Bob made me sign a BBC **** contract , and I thought I’d share it with you - I have my Master’s consent. I’ve seen rather ‘extreme’ contracts on other blogs, which frankly no woman would sign up to. Mine was agreed with a real Master… it is real and I just love knowing that I am contractually his… just writing that makes me wet and shiver with anticipation to serve him. Anyway, here it is… it’s liable to change as we progress, but I thought that it might be of interest to other BBC ***** or ‘would be’ BBC *****. xxx

I hereby agree to follow all of the terms of ownership below as the rightful property of my Master.

1. My Master can call me at any time to speak to me or tell me that he is coming over to make a booty call.

2. I will respect and take care of my body for my Master and ensure that my **** is kept neatly shaven/waxed at all times.

3. I will watch IR **** whenever I am alone and want to ***, I will never watch **** or look at images with white ‘dickies’ in.

4. ALL of my ******* will be ‘black’… I will always imagine or have BBC in me at the point of ******.

5. I will model myself according to my Master’s preferences regarding hair, clothes and make-up… I am his property and want to look the best for him at all times.

6. As sign of respect and worship of superior black men I will part my legs whenever I am in the presence of black men, whether I know them or not.

7. Only black seed may enter my body (mouth, ****, *******)… white seed must never enter my body, which is my temple for black worship.

8. I must inform my Master of any man who approaches me for friendship or sex… he decides whom I can see or not.

9. Black seed is sacred… I will always swallow my Master’s seed with great honor and pleasure.

10. I will be available for my black Master to use/**** as he sees fit, whenever he wants me.

11. I will promote this lifestyle and encourage all of my girlfriends, sisters, and female work colleagues to go black.

My Lord is Black… 100% REAL… and demands my submission and worship on his terms. I am anointed with the sacrament of devotion and servitude to the Black Race.
When I'm not serving BBc, I'm thinking about serving… he’s made sure of that. He owns my body and mind 24/7… 365… Black Owned for Life… there’s no other option.
TrailorparkMom TrailorparkMom 41-45, F 7 Responses Feb 16, 2013

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Fabulous. I love it.

mmm such a wonder contract. you have my black **** hard thinking about you being black own baby. all white women married or single should be black owned. even there daughters. no matter how old they all should live to serve black ****

fukin hot!

As it should be.

Some things were meant to be

Hopefully my wife will sign a similar contract soon.