Passive Aggressive Bullshit!

My husband knows that I am sleeping with someone else. He is mostly ok with it. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago picked up on the fact that I had a packet of unopened condoms in the car.
Fast forward to yesterday. I had been for my weekly theraphy session and knew that on the way home, I needed to stop and grab some bananas for my dd's end of year school party.
I stopped at the store, grabbed the bananas, had a quick walk backwards and forwards, to see if anything else jumped out at me that we might need. Nothing did, so off to the register I went and paid for my bananas, useally I make it very clear that I don't want a carrier bag for a small number of items, but she had them in the bag before I could speak and I decided to let it slide.
If I had not needed to go the store, then I would have gone onto the highway for a couple of junctions, to circumnavigate the two towns I have to drive through.
Luckily for me, I did need to go to the store as going at speed when what happened next happened would not have been pretty.
As I was turning out I noticed that my wheel was a bit 'sticky' when I tried to bring it back to centre. This has happened two times before but both times it had been raining and my husband said it was probably something to do with the damp in the air.
So the next moment, coming round the corner, my steering wheel stops working, still responding somewhat but not in a normal manner at all.
I managed to get my car pulled to the side of the road, but could not do anything about the rear end sticking out into the road, it was not moving.
Phoned husband in a slightly shocked state. "I haven't got my triple A card with me".
He gathers up the kids and runs down to wear I am. In between him phoning and turning up, four people stop and offer help. One of them has the number for triple A, so I start getting that sorted despite the lack of my membership card.
Husband turns up and parks the car a little ways down the road, leving the kids inside, thankfully it was not too warm yesterday afternoon.
After finishing with triple A, I am about to walk down and collect the kids, when a cop pulls up behind. So I Have to abandon getting the kids, in order to answer the questions he has for me i.e what happened with a subtext of did you loose control due to being drunk.
It's slightly hard to focus as I am still a bit shocked and they have guns over here, real guns that can kill people, tis slightly off putting.
Between myself and my husband, we convince the cop that it was not due to reckless or drunk driving, the front wheels facing in different directions helped with that. The cop phones for a local tow company, who are still covered by the triple A, phew.
I go to sit in my husbands car with the kids, while my husband , very kindly I thought at the time, gathers a few bits and bobs so they are not left in the car. Can you sense where this is going?
I was tired before I left the house to go my therapy, by this point I am beyond tired.
We get the car into the garage, fill out the paper work and then head home.
Husbands makes us a dinner of beans on toast, then he gets the kids to bed while I do some preparation work on my dd's outfit for the party tomorrow.
We work out between us, that tomorrow, we will all leave the house at half seven, he will drive with us to his work, via ds's nursery (which he probably should not have been going to as he has a vicious cough but I had voluntered to help out weeks ago with the party).
Then I will drive myself and dd back to her school in time for the party.
So the following morning comes, all goes to plan but I am tired, still tired with a brain not functioning properly.
We get into the classroom and I dump the bag of bananas on the table.
It is only later that the women who was doing the food prep hands me the bag wrapped around the condoms. Ground, swallow me up.
I had even thought to myself earlier, hmmn, I left that box of condoms in the car, I wander if the mechanics will find them, oh well if they do.
But the thing this has brought home to me, is how so many little decisions can lead in directions that you don't expect.
If not for the bananas, I would have potentially crashed on the highway and had a much worse outcome. If I had of objected to the carrier bag, there would not have been a bag for him to place them in.
If I had of stayed home with my ds, had a relaxed day, rather than trying to do the right thing, then I would not have been humiliated at my husbands hands.
Small decisions and the way they change how your day pans out.
Oh well, all's well that ends well.
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yeah its a fine line how things happen.. my phone rang in the car.. i dropped it.. and i pulled over to pick it up.. a car passed me and i got behind this lady in a SUV.. at the traffic lights ahead.. it turned green and she pulled forward so she can turn.. a huge truck ran the red light and smashed straight into her.. i would have been flattened in my little sports car.. but if my phone didnt ring and i didnt drop it and pull over.. i would have been dead or in very bad shape..

Beans on toast<br />
<br />
Yuck!!! No wonder you're having an affair.

Oh, so the bananas and condoms weren't some kind of party game?

Definantly a busy day.