What Should I Do?

I had a brief affair with a guy who ended the relationship some 3 months ago now, claiming it was too intense for him and he had cold feet and therefore just wanted to remain friends. I have been devastated and struggled to get on with daily life. I feel really in love with him and i made it clear i was not able to do the friendship thing with him because of my feelings towards him. We continued contact via emails etc. and obviously these have become lesser and lesser. I resolved on New Years Eve, i would have no more contact with him as he obviously didn't feel the same way about me - if he did he surely wouldn't have gone so long without us seeing one another or speaking. After no contact for 7 days he messages me and asks me if i fancy dinner next week. I have agreed but i really don't know what to expect - I'm worried he still wants to be just friends and i'm getting my hopes up and i'll be right back at square one....please help
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how did it go?

Is he married too?