No Plan to Divorce

I am married and intend to stay with my husband. He is aware of my search; looking for a married man in a unique situation.  This is a medical situation.

I woul like to find an exclusive relationship in a simular situation. He needs to be clean, attractive (to me) and passionate.

I just bought my computer and very new at this. I am 53 and (they say: very attractive and do not look my age.) I am not educated when it comes to chat rooms or how to go any further than this. So, I hope I will be able to reply if I get a response. I also need to learn IM.

I tried to get into a chat room to search and visit. Apparently I was not successful. We have been out of the computer world for about 8 years, other than my work computer. Please BARE WITH ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.

I do not now how to do a photo so-----I have black hair (refuse to let the gray show through) full lips (God given), 36D, olive complection, about 129 lbs, size 7-9. I guess I will stop now and see if this gets out there.

gidget1035 gidget1035
51-55, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

can certainly help you out with the comp stuff if not anything else :)<br />
just joking...<br />
i'm certainly interested, attractive (to me) and passionate.

might help if you described the unique situation.... just sayin :)