I Haveno Children And Guess What I'm Happy.

I am a feminist. Not because I have no children, but because I am leading the life I want. All of my friends got pregnant between 38 and 40. I call this the
pregnant thumping bore stage. My sister also a feminist with children never went thru that phase or the post-baby bore stage. where my life did not exist.
I had to listen to every minute detail of baby. At parties it was the same " So how big was your afterbirth?". I also had a women ask me at my best friend's
baby shower "Zoe is this hard for you" like I was two years old and dropped my ice cream cone on the ground.

I saw a Dr. about getting pregnant, felt sorry for myself ect. till I realized I do have a baby......MY ART! Between my art and a very happy and fulfilling
marriage. We decided no children we have plenty of neices and nephews, I got rid of the thumping bores , kept some old friends made some new and
realized I have a god damned great life. We are not lepers or ice hearted queens. Here's to us ladies.... Love Life 
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

I hear you. I live in a small town in the Midwest. I have been told 3 times that my life is meaningless because I don't have children. WTF!! At first I thought it was just a fluke and wouldn't hear it again. the their time it happened I got a touch pissy and told the woman all the volunteering things I did etc. and explained that just because we chose not to procreate that it didn't make my life meaningless. I told her she had no business judging me for not having children just as I should judge her for adding to the population of an already burdened planet. She didn't say to much after that. lol. And I never heard it again.