I Like It When It Hurts.

Pain isn't a bad thing.  People think it's a bad thing, and it's not - not really. 

Truth be told, intensity is what I crave.  Not pain specifically.  Pain is nothing if there's no intensity behind it.   But when there is, it's the most awesome thing in the world.

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16 Responses Nov 30, 2006

I totally agree too :) Well said.

what a great bunch of comments to read =D I just don't have anything left to say but, I really like it, too! We got this thing in common! I feel totally like celebrating right now! =D CHEErs GUYs!!! And thanks for sharing all your thoughts!!

Mmm intensity.

As a trainer who has probably whipped too many subs, please allow me to offer a few thoughts.<br />
first: Pain is just an overload of your sensory input. The anaolgy I use is a callboard with 4 lines, when that 5th call comes in, the busy signal is pain. so you get more lines, like 6 and the 7th is pain.<br />
I find when a sub starts, especially you masochists out there, a nice whipping has plenty of 'pain', but as you over time sink deeper into the experience (many refer to this as subspace), they require a bit more to get the same level of thrill, excitement call it what you want.<br />
I had one sub years ago who I had to send to an SM 'club' to work as a sub. I sent her because she just needed more whipping than I had time to give her.<br />
Her club owner asked me to attend a special open house. She and my other slave at the time went. While we were in the 'getting to know you' phase, the owner asked me to not be too rough on Wendy. To which I reached over and lifted Wendy by her nipple until she was standing on her very tippy toes. I gently asked her WHY she was there and she replied, 'to be whipped' and I asked, 'how?' and she replied 'really really hard'.<br />
I explained to the owner why Wendy had been sent to her club and that she was an opportunity.<br />
During our demonstration I showed how I treated each of my slaves very differently and why.<br />
Wendy became very popular after that. In fact there were two wives whose husbands had me work on them personally.<br />
My other sub needed an entirely different approach which was physically less demanding but was in a different way as intense, but in an emotional realm.<br />
<br />
wickedlillie: Guilt is a common feeling. Many people feel guilty after sex, ************ of eating ice cream. This is because the devil worshiping churches (christian, muslims and buddhists) all hate the physical world, hate the human body and hate sex, sexual pleasure and are especially threatened by female sexuality.<br />
Certainly the greatest con job in the world is how those religious organizations have gotten women to believe sex is 'bad and wrong'.<br />
If you look at 'rapture' experiences, they sound just like *******, but you have to abandon you family and responsibilities, walk in the desert of 40 years and wear sack cloth and eat bark off of the ground before you have the 1 minute rapture.<br />
I think the true rapture experience is the ****** and women who are able to take 3 men at a time, and when properly trained will experience almost endless *******, are clearly more 'spiritual' than men.<br />
Do you know chocolate has the same chemical your brain produces when you are 'in love?'<br />
These churches tell you 'spiritual love' is more pure than 'physical love'. Why?<br />
Well look at how they threw women out of the temples years ago. In the early days we worshiped women and sexuality. If a man raised the best crops it got the best young priestess. My daughter becoming a sexual priestess was not a downgrade, but an upgrade, it made her MORE desirable and more likely to marry the highest ranked member in those societies.<br />
Today, she is called a '****' or '*****'. I of course refer to her as a Love Goddess. In fact I hate the word ****. it is an unattractive word to me. I have the impression of eating a Big Mac off the floor.<br />
My Love Goddesses probably have more sex than a **** but do so elegantly.<br />
What 'church' with its spiritual love, hair shirts, sack cloth, no fun, no pleasure is going to compete with a woman saying, "want a good time?" as she takes off her clothes?<br />
Time to bring Heavenz on Earth into the world.<br />
Now all that said, I think bruising and tenderness strike me as a sign the man who is doing this is either not very well trained or skilled at what he is doing.<br />
it is common for a woman to have marks and bruises under her skin the first few times she is whipped. This has to do with the structure of her skin, nutrition (up your Vitamin C. It makes your blood vessels and skin more flexible), but after a time she will not bruise.<br />
Wendy(from above) could take an amazingly severe whipping, something which would break the skin on most women and certainly would have resulted in blood on my second slave, but after a few minutes all the welts would be gone and within 5 minutes her skin would look completely normal.<br />
I feel it is a master's responsibility to have some medical/biological knowledge, before venturing forward.<br />
To me one of the more intense things to do is make a woman lie on her back, open her legs and wrap her arms around her legs on the inside, then pull her legs open and back until her knees sink into the mattress in sync with my whip hitting her wide open *****.<br />
Another is to have her lift weights on chains attached to clips on her nipples or **** and drop them on command.<br />
But this is just me. I am there for the intense mental and emotional experience. I don't own an outfit, spiky collar wristband et al. Not a tat on me. I am in fact a very vanilla looking guy, if you don't look to carefully into my eyes. -)<br />
OK let me stop this is probably more info and any of you were looking for.<br />
Zip, Dragonmaster<br />
Heavenz on Earth<br />
Service, Healing & Empathy<br />
 <br />
He who rules truly serves<br />
She who serves truly rules

Ohhhhhhh...DragonofJapan...I NEED you in my life! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

no look me up when you become of legal age

Wow. Amazingly insightful comments by everyone ... concerning "intensity," the need/addiciton, as a vehicle not an end in iteself, experiencing different types of pain as colors or flavors (not all types of pain turn me on). Two aspects I would add are that, for me, the afterglow of aches and bruises is also erotic and act like sensitive triggers that can set me off again; and, part of the enjoyment is being "hurt" by a true sadist, not just a domme -- someone who is getting off on my pain not just from their power and control -- especially a sadist on the verge of losing control to his/her bloodlust - that can be dangerously scary, adding adrenaline to the endorphin intoxication. Also, I distinquish between as sadist and someone who is simply violent, angry or driven by emotions other than a ferally predatory sexual appetite. <br />
<br />
Anyone care to share their more extreme experienes or fantasies?

I agree with much of the above. I am a life-long masochist; i was as a child and I am now as a retiree. Like most masochists I have a love-hate relationship with it but I love it nearly all the time and I only hate it when i am receiving it and do not have control over it - when i am being physically punished. When i am being punished i see colors and the colors are related to the intensity of the pain i am experience at the moment. When the application of pain stops the colors disappear. So intensity of pain certainly is part of the attraction but i can only take a limited amount of truly intense pain. My preference (not that it matters to a Dom) is for pain applied slowly but over a "long" period of time with bursts of intense pain.<br />
<br />
I love pain before and after i receive it. Basically i think i am addicted to it. When i go long stretches without being subject to physical pain i get "ancy' the masochists equivalent of a male being horny for sex. So i long for pain every day, innumerable times a day and at times i will provide myself some trivial amount of pain - squeeze my nipples, "flick" my balls with my fingers, etc. But above all i love it because immediately after i have experienced a pain application/session i feel cleansed of all my problems! It frees me emotionally from the burdens of life which otherwise grind one down day after day.<br />
<br />
My Master is the first dominant who truly understands my need and tolerance for pain and who applies just the right amount for the right time span. Needless to say we are well matched! Thank you Master!

I agree with you COMPLETELY!

I don't really know if I can be a called a masochist or not... I've gotten to a crossroad at this moment which has conflicted me quite a bit. I have a close male friend that tends to play quite rough with me when we're out with friends, but I don't stop him most of the time. I have been left with some bruising and tenderness, but at times it doesn't even bother me. I am attracted to him and what he does to me... alot... but I don't feel it's right, I get really guilty afterwards, just as if I had eaten a whole tub of chocolate ice cream... : /

i've gotten to the point that my body doesn't understand when to stop. i really don't think i can control myself alone. It's not about intensity for me, i've done plenty of crazy things that didn't do for me what pain does, in some sick twisted way, its comforting, ive been around it for so long that it's the one thing i know. i NEED it. and it's scary as hell. November2nd 2009, i died for three and a half minutes. it opened my eyes, made me try harder to learn my physical limits, but i still want as much as possible

The pain is a vehicle to go somewhere else...its a submission....a surrenderance...an acceptance. Grace comes to those who surrender could describe the "reason" for enjoying it. Aside from the real physical effects of pain, like an endorphin flood, I would say its not strange at all. Especially in a sexual context...submission/dominance is always the case given male and female natures. I say that "in most cases"...theres always the exception.

it's the same for me. i feel things in terms of intensity. the intensity of pain.

I like the story, many times when i get worked up alot i like my nipples pinched to where it hurts a bit and then i ask my wife to pinch harder. she's not really into that but does it for me if i ask.

high five! well said, sister! it really is more about the intensity than the pain...but the pain is good, too :0), for me. but, you're right....only if the (RIGHT kind of) intensity is behind it.

You both think exactly like I do on this..

Oh I dunno, I've been kicked by a deer, does that count? I didn't enjoy it at all.

I completly understand where you are coming from, leather and all. LOL!

I don't know about the bite of leather, but I understand the concept. When I was growing up in Texas, to get my feet ready for walking barefoot all summer, after having been in shoes and socks in school, I would go out and stand barefoot on the blazing hot concrete and stand as long as I could before I had to jump into the cool grass (which was pleasurable all by itself). But the pain I would endure getting the soles of my feet tough did reach a point not unlike an ****** in terms of intensity. So, yeah, I get your drift. I certainly wouldn't disagree with you at all. I don't think I'm quite up to nipple piercings, though. (ouch, ouch, ouch)