Am I A Masochist???

Not sure really?! Certainly have an interest in pain. Also have a big fetish/interest in female bellies. My biggest turn on though is seeing someone I'm with turned on. So what am I if I am turned on by someone else being turned on by pain, especially if it involves the female stomach?! If the answer is complicated then I already know that much! Ha ha!

I'm also a physiologist, so I'm a good person to talk to about the physiological side to pain and methods to inflict harmless pain with little or no signs!

I live on the south coast of the UK and would love to hear from you with thoughts/suggestions, or if you have similar or complimentary interests?

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I don't like all kinds of pain, but receiving gutpunching is a super turn on for me. I also like seeing a pleasureful ex<x>pression on the face of the person doing the punching.

"guy who likes bellies and getting ladies off" works too ;)

submissive sadist maybe?

Thanks for the comments - did you get my private message?

Hello. First off, there isn't a label for everything. You being into bellies is just a preference of yours, I don't think there's a specific name for it -although I could be wrong.<br />
Also, a masochist is usually defined as a person who gains pleasure from being in pain. You didn't go into much detail but it sounds like you enjoy it more if your partner is in pain. Getting enjoyment out of other people being in pain would make you a sadist. Just being interested in pain in general I think would just be human nature. I suppose you could call that one a pain fetish. But you could also say that you have a stomach fetish. It all depends on what labels you would like to apply to yourself; a lot of these aren't just black or white and a lot of them have varied definitions.<br />
And I would love to hear more about methods to inflict pain without leaving huge noticable marks. I'm particularly into sharp, stinging pains, like cuts. But, cuts do scar. And whips either leave marks or aren't painful enough. Any suggestions?