Latest Self Torture Session

I've cross posted this story, hope it doesn't break too many rules...

A couple of days ago I was feeling a bit randy, and had some spare time. Decided that my testicles could do with some punishment. To start with I bound them in 'Mickey Mouse' fashion. This involves tying a cord (I use a round bootlace) above one testicle, so it is confined in the lower part of the scrotum, looping this cord over the penis and above the second testicle, then back around the first . By pulling on the cord and the penis it is possible to force both balls together above the **** (the first few times I did it it was quite difficult, but now my scrotum and cords have stretched enough to make it easier). Once I have got the nuts nicely trapped, I wind the rest of the cord tightly around them. and tie it off. I can send pictures to anyone that is interested. This form of testicle bondage appeals to me for several reasons. Firstly it generates a nice ache, and good colour in the balls. Secondly it presents them for easy paddling and manipulation. Thirdly it keeps the **** out of the way, and flaccid (by restricting the blood supply). Fourthly if *********** does occur the crimp in the urethra prevents *** from escaping and making a mess.

After squeezing and slapping my balls for a while I thought I'd do some needle play. I got some Bridal Pins (the type of pin with a round plastic head - easier to push in), and sterilised them by immersing them in alcohol for a few minutes. Taking one pin I let it dry off, then pushed it slowly into my right ball. I love the sensation as the sharp point breaks through into the inside of the nut, and the ache from the ball as it protests about the uninvited visitor. I pushed it all the way in, so the head was resting on my scrotum. The second pin went into the left ball in a similar fashion. I've only ever managed two penetrations before, but was feeling very good so started to insert another pin into my right ball. Must have hit a nerve or something as the ache was incredible, such a high. Finally a fourth pin into the left ball. This one was a bit disappointing as I hardly felt it. Sat for some time enjoying the sensations in my abused nuts. Then slowly pulled them out, one by one. Another stunning sensation. The ball flesh seems to grip the pins and make them hard to extract, and a whole lot of different aches occur. On extraction on site bled a bit, two emitted a small amount of clear liquid and the fourth (the final insertion to my left nut), shot a jet of clear fluid out. After untying my nuts I put on my serrated nipple clamps and *********** to ****** (which didn't take long). My right testicle ached for over 24 hours afterwards.

I did take a video of this, but in a fit of post orgasmic depression (does anyone else get this?), I deleted it. Shame as it was a personal best for nut piercing!

I guess that I should say that this procedure carries some risk, I'd probably not try it if I wanted children, as I guess it could lead to testicular damage, infection, what have you!
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