What Can I Do?

I'm young and had masochist "fantesies" since i was 14...i also think i'm bisexual....

Now, the thing is...i tried to explain myself why only these things turn me on...i tried to explain them psihically.... 'Cause i live in a comunity where this behavior is strongly criticised and what i feel can be a perfect target for gossip....Well, there was no explanation.

Funny is that only recently i thought about aproaching myself in a more sexual way, thus, i read about it on Wikipedia!, and there i was, about 85% of the descriptions of the submissive type.

Now, i just fear to talk to anyone about it, since my mom would probably make a heart attack and my best friend....well, she's the one i felt in love with. and i wanted to see if there are any others like me...

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even though i've never met you, im proud you admitted you love your friend. i was in almost the exact same situation (didnt realize i was masochist til after i told m friend i love her) my story ends with us being friends who occasionally have gay moments, i hope yours ends the way you want it to. :]

@Karziel: Kinky :><br />
@ everyone: 4 days ago I just told my best friend that I've been in love with her for the last 4 years. Didn't ask for anything (she has a boyfriend), only acceptance and the same friendship. Still waiting for an answer. Going mad. :|

i was questioning a while ago but i realized that the female form holds more mass appeal with me. anyway, i am a sadomasochist that live in one of the most remote states, and i was capable of finding a good number of people at my own school who not only understood but became friends with benefits for a while. does it still count even if i'm not into strangulation or bondage? imagine a group of friends that can bite each other freely, knowing that after they bite someone they are likely to be bitten back.

Definitely not alone! I too am bisexual and a masochist and really, it's not that bad. Sure, a lot of people don't really understand us and definitely do not want to hear about it... But there's always some. <br />
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I found lots of friends on the internet which I've found to be a good escape. I'm one of those crazy yaoi fans and I've found that most ppl on the yaoi communities are very accepting of these kinds of things. That was where I first started reading stories about sadomasochism too (fictional and between men, but still). <br />
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In real life, only about half of my friends knows that I am bisexual (despite me being in a lesbian relationship) and only about... three knows that I'm a masochist. Doesn't really matter as long as I have them and people on the net to talk with it about, you see.

if you haven't already I would read more stories about bisexuality on this website

Well, if your community it's really that hard, then do it everything under, try to find places to go, or how to meet people. Don't share it with anyone, just with people of entire trust who will understand you and be really careful till your overage and you can go out home and look for a partner to be with.

It's difficult to find someone who you can talk to who will understand, that's why you came here. But trust me, you are definitely /not/ alone, and there will always be somebody here who will be happy to talk to you about it. :>

there are many others like you. People who seem absolutely normal during the day, but when you get them behind closed doors....let the fun begin!