It's Not About Me

My boyfriend is a Mascochist...

When he told me this he said, "I'm ashamed of this. I don't want to be like this but I can't help it"
I ensured him that whatever happens, I wouldn't think anything less of him and I still stick to it. I admit that I was very scared when he told me things that he wants me to do to him. It was just very new to me...

I've never been in such a stituation. I love him a lot and I do not want to hurt him. It would ache so much to see scars on his body because of me. I know that he'll like it but I just can't. He has never forced me to do it and I dont think he ever will. But.. I want to give him the pleasure he wants but not by hurting him.

I dont know, I'm so confused. I love this man, I really do..
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My wife did not want to hurt me either. Then I asked her to watch me splapping myself hard. Then I asked he to help me and she did very well! Now she does it for her own pleasure...

do what he needs

pain does not require leaving scars. a good spanking even with a belt may be enough for a while. It may not even have to hurt him a lot.