it was never apparent to me that i might be attracted to the idea of receiving pain or being uncomfortable or feeling vulnerable. it wasn't something i though of when i thought of sex.

you never were shown the s&m **** magazines by your friends at the schools i went to. you were shown playgirl or playboy. s&m was an urban legend. it was taboo. that is not what turned me onto it at all.

it took until i was older, much older to realize that i enjoyed the hot sting and tight binding i would receive. the world of masochism rushed at me through a barrage of spanking, hair pulling and the delicious pain that would come with it.

every time i think about anything that has to do with this aspect of my life, i feel alive. for those quick to condemn? well, educate yourselves before you start an argument.

lostcancerian lostcancerian
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i love the directness of this post<br />
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For me pain is a pressure release

i'm really in agreement with you here mystic. there is some sort of comfort, a level of control you can also feel over yourself. that is a great saying!!

yeah, and people really do try to condemn you for that stuff!! i can't get most people to understand how and why i derive so much pleasure from pain. they usually think that i'm suffering from some kind of inferiority complex and need to be abused. but, pain has somehow made me feel more beautiful, humble, patient, tolerant, wise. it also makes me feel protected/safe. how can that be wrong? what do you think?<br />
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i like that saying: "Pain is weakness leaving the body."

"Alive." That's exactly the word I've heard others who have the same interests use to describe it.<br />
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I'm guessing there is a switch in people's brains. Some people have the switch flicked and enjoy pain. To others, it is incomprehensible.