Love to Be Hurt

I am 30 now, and have always loved to be hurt since i can remember.  I am quite pretty, and in school boys were afraid of me, afraid of being rejected if they asked for a date, but the ones who did found i was totally submissive , and i am still like that, i cant change, even though i know its dangerous. I just love to be used, and fantasize about men abusing me badly, not resisting at all. Im glad im not alone in this , i feel much better about it now.
LindaR LindaR
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 9, 2007

Please, never change, submissive girls are so beatiful and femenine. I love submissive girls a lot.<br />
"totally submissive" the dream of a dom man like me. You are not alone, as you see a lot of ladies are like you, an a lot of men wants a girls like you, congratulations lady