Not Good With Titles

I've always been that guy that other guys are like 'how does he do it' cuz they here from women and their friends about me...

Back when I first became sexually alive,  I found myself having unbelievable sex fantasies involving pain, both inflicted and recieved, as well as that, for as long as i can remember, i've had an auto-erotic asphyxiation which was most likely where my s&m desires began when i was a young'n.  after a while the fantasies progressed into things like fantasy rape (not real rape... real rape i find creepy as hell) the usage of rope and chains, paddles sticks, flails, gasmasks and a bunch of other things that kinda made me feel uneasy but super turned on at the same time

I talked with my girlfriend at the time about these fantasies and she got really really turned on and we started playing out those fantasies, she'd tell me about hers and then we'd play out hers. 

After our relationship ended,  I started finding it really really hard to find women who found the idea of s&m a turn on, for one reason or another.  Now I find myself turning to the online community to hopefully find either a good fling or a meaningful relationship with a woman who is into s&m as well (anyone know of any other communities on the net?? i find them to be few and far between)
mmmtastypain mmmtastypain
22-25, M
Jul 28, 2007