I Am A Mason By Birth

All  i was  going  say  is  i  am  a  Blood  Mason  from  my  mother  side  of  the  family  .   Which  my  GrandFather  was   Jewels  Mason  .   I  am not  of  The  Religion  Freemason  .   I  reapeat  Not  with  the  FreeMason  .    Funny  thing  i  found  out  from  aunt  of  mine  tho.   On  my  Mason  side  of  family  .   I  found  out  that  i  was Realted  to  Tomas  Jefferson   .
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1 Response Aug 12, 2011

KinkyK9Guy is correct in saying that Freemasonry is not a religion. Additionally, one is not a Mason because a family member was/is a Mason, it just does not work that way. If that was something you were proud of that is great, if not I am sorry and hopefully the above comments will make you feel better.