Own The Salon

Further to my previous story that I was a massage therapist providing happy ending massages, I thought I will own up and say that now I actually own the massage place.

I have girls working for me, but on occasions I still perform the odd massage as girls are sick.

It is a strictly massage, happy ending establishment

What happens in the room is up to the girls.

There you go, for all guys wondering what I did as a job.
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25 Responses Sep 24, 2012

It's a great job,1vanessa. I have met so many great massage therapists...and I have dated many of them. I love them!!!

I must say that I would love to have ur hands on my body !!!

I can honestly say I have never had a massage, I always woundered what it would entail ???

It must be a great feeling knowing that your clients are fully satisfied!

I like when I am super relaxed and don't expect the hand under the sheet

A good service to society

What is the address I love massages
Big fan of tantric ;)

Do you provide the same service for the ladies? Just wondered.

So if they did request would you?

wow very hot and sexy you are....

That should be a great business. I go to those places in time of need. The hard part is finding a great looking masseuse. Of course, I'm so horny when I go that any girl can get me off.

That is awesome! Is there like a code word or any thing? I have always wondered how this worked!

I think it's awesome that you are now a small business owner. It's even more awesome that you are a "hands on" kind of employer, keeping your skills fresh and willing to lend a helping hand (or two) when necessary :)

Thats crunk need to get on some of those :)

I want the happy ending massage daily

I want the happy ending massage daily

I wish we had such a place near Chicago. Got any connections?

I'll buy a plane ticket!!

wish i knew where this was

Love it! Wish I could find a massage parlor like that in WA.

Now I know I have to visit for the owners special touch :)

steer me to your business

ur city pls

Thats to cool of a job!!!!! FANTASTIC!

you are providing a wonderful service, wish I was closer to support your business by being a loyal customer

I will admit I was curious, but wasn't going to ask.. Thank you for letting us know.

Not ared blooded human could not get turned on with you touching them!