I work part time and it gets very awkward at time espically when he turns around and the towel won't stay down due to erectionbuy it's funny to when I do the women they always moan so loud Lol I do my best to stay serious and let's just say I'm really good at my job.
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best to stay perfesonall as you can

Lets trade

Back in August of 2014 you created this discussion. I just read it all. I appreciate you posting this. In a few months, I will be getting my first professional massage (simultaneously with my wife) and I'm all kinds of nervous. I love getting massages but I'm so paranoid that I'll become erect I'm not sure I'll be able to enjoy it (the massage, of course). I suppose if I got massages regularly, I'd be more used to it and that would happen less often, if at all - but as a first-timer-to-be, I'm pretty concerned about this. But I do appreciate you posting your attitude about it. And I hope you know that we may well NOT have any control over it. I just don't wanna look like a pathetic old perve.

It doesn't upset me it just kinda makes me nervous you know I am a massage therapist but I am still human and I can get aroused to its just different and makes it awkward the fact that your a stranger and your spouse is right there - add me on my new account

OK, done. I really appreciate that you've posted about this issue.

A good massage therapist is hard to find. Sometimes an erection has a lot to do with what you require your clients to wear and what you are touching consistently. I may have to make an appointment

I get a regular massage and I always try to give her a little flash just for fun. Nothing is every said but i know she sees. Can I get an add Please?

I'll add you on my new account

Hi care to be friends?

I bet you are..:) would love to try your services

I would like a massage from you with a Happy Ending ; ) Hehe X

I can see why guys would get an erection :P

That sounds like a fun time, lol,,must get some interesting reactions!

Hello, The law in new york city states you cannot give massages without a license and it is defined with the "hands or vibrators"... If I use a tool like a rolling ball where i never touch the customer is it still illegal? I own a catering company and massage is only 20% of my business. If i just use a tool instead of the two objects they have there is it okay? thank you...

The practice of the profession of massage therapy is defined as engaging in applying a scientific system of activity to the muscular structure of the human body by means of stroking, kneading, tapping and vibrating with the hands or vibrators

See I'm not really certified my boss just loves girls lol so he hired me abd showed me the basics it's pretty complicating sometimes

Well maybe you could make a few $ on the side giving happy endings. So do the girls that are aloud to give them go all the way or just a *******

I.don't know anything about that and don't really care to

do yu give Happy Endings

No we don't do much of that well people have asked me too but I'm not really qualified

how do yu qualify do do Happy Endings ?

I'm only 18 my boss won't let me I'm still too young

18 is legal ! have you secretly done one or want to !

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you do know your most awkward moment is our favorite moment. are there a few regular customers who you just say screw it and remove the drape altogether?

Well you can be naked

sure you can be naked but so many places require a drape. its not required here in TX. just wondering if you allow some of your regular customers not to require the drape. sounds like you do allow it.

Even the non regulars don't use it so ya lol

U get exited when u see some thing ?

No not really

LOL......I just might file an application for this job
#boom lol ;-)......

You must be good for sure. Does it bother you when the towel pokes up?

A little but you learn to ignore

Maybe i need to change massage therapists

Lol maybe

Now you made me want a massage.

Does it bother you when things poke up like that?

Not really it jusr makes the situation awkward

So you are at a legit place. I hate say it though that guys cant always control that thing popping up.

Yea and you should be able to control it

Sorry guys can't always control when that thing happens down there. I try but I hate to say it happens. I try to behave.

At least you try

But some times things just happen even though I try.

I can control him some of the time. I keep him from shooting his hot *** spurt after hot spurt, but he is such a bad boy and shoots his hot *** all over your **** baby doll.

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Where do you work?

Can't tell you hun

tiny hands always give the best massages, lol

Lol wow