Working On My Mentalist State

My story starts when i was very young. The first memory i have in life actually. I lived in a small town in Montana and when I was young my Father was a raging alcoholic. He no longer is but that is neither here nor there. In this memory My cousin (my fathers brothers son) and I are sitting in my parents living room playing Super Nintendo games while our fathers are in the next room drinking and conversing. I don't know how or why it started but our fathers started brawling in the kitchen. Being about 3 or 4 year old and only a month younger than my cousin, we were both terrified and climbed under our coffee table. The next thing i remember is my cousin crying. I am not sure why he was and I was not but I felt a strong urge to calm him down. I remember patting his back and telling him it would be okay. After they had finished fighting his father came in the room and grabbed him as they left the house. I had no contact with either of them for about two years. Well as i grew up I came to be kind of the counselor for all of my friends. People would come to me if they had a bad day or really needed advice. In turn I started to read peoples emotions and feelings very well, and as I grew older (I am only 23 now so not much older) it became not only friends that would ask for advice but random people on the street. I cant tell you how many people I have met outside a bar or coffee shop and after 5 minutes of chatting, they are telling me their life story. Couple this with the fact that i love puzzles and finding how to fix problems and I believe I was put in a very good environment to start looking into Mentalism. It might sound like idolism or just a whim but eventually I hope to do basically the same thing as Patrick Jane in the T.V. show The Mentalist. Currently I am enrolled at a University to study Psychology and hopefully get my P.H.D. I would love it if more people would post to this site and start some discussion topics. Thanks for reading.
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Sounds more like you are an empath than a mentalist.

This is a mentalist: