Hate Being This Way... Any Tips?

It is a tough situation because Im not sure if Im a full-blown alcoholic or just a mean drunk. I can have a glass or two of wine at dinner and be fine but when I go out with friends to a bar, I usually end up insulting someone. People say my personality completely changes and they don't like me after I've had about 4+ drinks. I've decided to give up drinking for a while since friends have given me ultimatums. If others have similar experiences, I would really appreciate hearing about them...

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hi yes i get angry and say mean horrible stuff when i drinking and i never remeber.. yes nobody wants to hangout with me when i get in that state. i never remeber and will never understand y i change like this.i definatley go out to have a good happy time...but a few drinks later and the beasty nasty gal comes out.. wish i new y this was.. y it happens to me.. i wish i could drink n be happy all the time instaed of being nasty and then not remeber a thing i said or did. when it happens the ppl i with think i no what i doing and hold it against me sometimes wont ever talk to me again.. some think i crazy because of this.. but i not crazy nor a bad nasty person deep down inside..i hardly drink because off this

I, too, have Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. It doesn't happen every time I drink, but it happened again last night, and II am REALLY tired of saying I'm sorry to my husband, and feeling like sh*t for being cruel and unthinkingly thoughtless again. In the MANY years that I have been drinking, I have never learned to predict when I'll throw a tantrum. If I don't imbibe, I don't flip the jerk switch. I need to practice remembering that opening a bottle flips that switch, and that it can result in the shame I am feeling right now.

Check this out. First of all, if you want to stop drinking for good, cool! One should try their best to go at life on their own. If you want to drink, here are some tips I've learned on being careful. If you're in a bad mood, don't drink! Especially around other people. If you find your blackout level, don't go there. Spend your drunk time doing things you love. If you can't do these things, better wait. Drinking can be fun and enlightening, or you could do something you'll really regret.

I'm with you about not drinking anymore. I have always had the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde syndrome since I was very young. Now I'm in my late 30's and it has not changed one bit. I was told to just stop the drinking does not resolve the internal problem we have.

Sounds like you are on the right path.<br />
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Good luck!