Record It

My boyfriend is a mean drunk. I don't even recognize him when he becomes this way which thank god is not often. He becomes verbally abusive and thinks the whole world is against him. He can socially drink and behave 95% of the time but on occasion it's as if his control switch has been turned off and that's when he becomes the mean drunk. It can be with either beer or vodka (I thought for awhile it was only brought on by hard liquor).

Mean drunks behavior is socially inappropriate to the point where people will stop inviting them out and/or they start losing friends and relationships. In my situation he is always extremely remorseful the next morning once I tell him what he did as he has absolutely no recollection of what incredibly offensive things he said. I recently told him that I am going to buy a small recorder and record him next time so he can hear it for himself. I'm getting one this week as this latest incident just happened and this time some of my closest friends were around to witness it. I was horrified and embarrassed. Of course my hope is he gets so mortified by his behavior that he reigns himself in, but being a realist I don't hold out much hope. As much as I love him I know I will not stay with him much longer if this behavior continues since I bear the brunt of his anger and rants.

I applaud missg808's decision to cut off the alcohol and I hope you continue to abstain. I think for people who have mean drunk syndrome, the only cure for it is to not drink at all.

azren azren
Feb 18, 2009