a glance at my criminal record or my scars will attest to this.hahahahaha.alcohol will kill me if I ever pick it up again,I accept this and have every intension of staying sober.

I did have lots of fun "partying" as many of my EP tales will attest,but I prefer to be in controll of my faculties.

I'm still unstable from so much violence in my childhood,though this has gotten better with much intensive work around theese issues.

deep down I am very sweet and thoughtful,despite much of what this world has shown me.life goes on.

dubkebab dubkebab
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knock it off already,you tryin' ta git me tipsy?<br />
you tryin' ta git me sayin' somethin' silly?<br />
<br />
<br />
(sometimes I really do want a drink...my old cure-all coping mechanism)<br />
...which created more probs. than it ever solved...

yaargh,maybe a brandy alexander?<br />
my sick mind...

girlfren'-I ain't trippin' ...virtual drinks can't hurt me...in fact I had a fun virtual relapse the other day on bbsracoon's pirate ship.oi!<br />
and I had to suffer greatly before stopping boozing-we alcoholics are a stubbourn lot.

I should point out that I've been more self-destructive than anything-and that has been a hard one to get over,cyberreaders.